Between Happy New Year and The Rabbit!

My Dear Friend, 2022 has gone full circle.We leave behind a year colored by emotions. We have experienced the entire range of feelings, from the foggiest fear and sadness to the deepest clarity. And hopefully, there has been a good portion of joy and peace in between. This past year, so rich in experiences, has … Continue reading Between Happy New Year and The Rabbit!

A Black offer from Magic Mittens

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well.For a couple of weeks now, a steady stream of emails and notifications has landed in our inboxes about Black Friday, Black Week, and sneak peeks about the upcoming Black Deals at the end of November. I want to be part of that cacophony too, so here is … Continue reading A Black offer from Magic Mittens

This time it is me! :)

As you might have noticed, my web address changed some time ago, to If all happened because I finally found a real IT-fairy (equipped with an angel’s patience and a magic wand). At the moment she is building a new website for me. As she is working on my new “cyber-home” there are things … Continue reading This time it is me! 🙂

Beta test – Harmoni Expo 26-27 mars 2022

To all of you who don’t understand Swedish, I apologize for leaving you out this time. This post is about my participation in a fair in Stockholm. I might I will fill you in on the details later. 🙂 För första gången ska MAGIC MITTENS vara med på mässa! Du hittar mig i hall AB … Continue reading Beta test – Harmoni Expo 26-27 mars 2022

A bit of lovin… Part 4

Is love rainbows and unicorns? At least my daughter thought so when she was five. This is the final part of my mini-series about love and yet I have only scratched the surface. This post offers a few experiments you can do, one explanation to why energy healing works, and bunch of questions – if you are up for an inner treasure hunt. Thank you for reading!