New moon meditation May 4, 8 pm (my time..)

Figuring out WHEN

-Oh no! How am I going to figure out when that is where I am?????

If this is the first thing you thought about, when reading this week’s post, do not worry.  There are tools to help you find out. If you live outside my time zone, you can consult the internet for a Time Converter. Enter STOCKHOLM for my location, and that will give you your local time. If you are the owner of an iPhone, there is a built-in converter you can use. Time is tricky business, in more than one way!

How cool, it makes sense!

As you probably have noticed when reading my blog posts for the last year or so, I am rather interested in astrology. I am fascinated by how the shifts in our planetary system can be felt, be of assistance to us and can give us nudges to go deeper in the awareness of our own nature.

I am personally very sensitive to energetic shifts, may that be the weather, other people’s thoughts and feelings, vibrational frequencies in the geography or the energy connected to objects. One of the main reasons I started to study astrology several years ago (apart from being hopelessly curious about more or less…everything), was to see if I could find an explanation to these very distinctive and sudden shifts I felt. For me, this dive into one of our most extensive esoteric disciplines, solved a big part of the mystery for me. It made perfect sense.

Divide and conquer

If we take a big step back into the western history’s chronology, the connection to nature and the cyclic flow in life was much more present in everyday life, than it is today. To live in harmony with our moon’s different stages, was as normal as living according to the rhythm of day and night, or the seasons of the year.

I read somewhere recently, that the Julian calendar was introduced in the Roman empire, partly to confuse people’s natural connection with nature. To disempower and break the pagan belief systems ,which operated in connection with the natural rhythm of the moon. The aim was to “divide and conquer”, as an attempt to control the citizens. I do not know enough about the history around this reform from year 46 BC, to draw any conclusions, but it is an interesting thought, never the less.

190430 A grumpy Ceasar (2)

Still going strong

Yet many religions still follow the lunar shifts in their worship and celebrations. Just a week ago, I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend of mine, who just celebrated the Jewish holiday Pesach (Passover). She explained how the entire Jewish religion is based on the lunar calendar.

It is not only spirituality that is connected to the moon’s different stages. There are many other examples. Practitioners of TCM and classic Chinese medicine (acupuncture and acupressure etc) know they should avoid needling a patient’s head during a full moon, because it can be harmful (qi resides in the upper part of the body at that period of time).

190430 acu-lunatic

Hard-core gardeners and nutritionists know that the ideal time to harvest vegetables, with the eatable part growing below the ground, is at new moon. That which grows above ground, ideally should be collected during the period when the moon is full, if possible. That way vegetables and fruits contain the most nutrients and life force.

And, of course, every sailor is aware of the incredible forces behind ebb and flow. So, it would be very strange if these cyclic shifts in nature would not affect our human body and mind. Some feel it more than others.

Independently of believing in our connection to the moon, many complain that they have trouble sleeping the nights before or during a full moon. So even the most convinced astrological sceptic might agree with me, that the moon influences our existence.

With the growing interest for life, seen as an energetic experience, more and more people glance at this beautiful body in the sky. The sphere that reflects the sun’s rays and light up the night, during parts of the month.


Well, the Julian calendar and conscious gardening is a bit off topic, so I will head back in the direction I had planned to go.

In astrology, the moon plays a very central roll, and the new moon is a starting point for the entire moon cycle. It is a good time to plant a seed of consciousness, the seed of an idea or creation. Something we would like to manifest in our near future. It is a good time to set an intention, for that we want to see grow in importance, in our life experience.

Come and play with us

For the upcoming new moon in May, I invite you to participate in a 30 minutes long meditation together with me. Just below I hope you will find the answers to the questions you might have about this gift of mine.

  • Date: May 4, 2019
  • Time: 8 pm GMT +1. The actual full moon occurs at 00.47 am GMT +1, on May 5, but I figured that it would be to ask a little too much of you 😊. For those who are passionate about energy, you might find it interesting to stay awake and experience the exact moment of the new moon.
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: Free of charge, this is a gift from me to you!
  • Where: Find a place where you can be undisturbed and feel comfortable. Relax. Be present. Listen within. If you are the writing kind, it can be a good idea to have a notepad at hand. You might want to scribble down sudden insights, that may come to you.
  • How to sign up: If you want to be part of this, send me an email. You will find the address on my website, under the label group sessions. That way you will be included in the group energy.

If there is a specific intention you would like to set for the coming lunar cycle, this is a great time to think about that, which you want to see grow in your life. Otherwise, just go with the flow of the moment.

190430 Together

I will send you a reminder by email, just before we start. Apart from that, this is a solitary experience. This time we will not connect afterwards, to discuss our insights. Though, to meditate as a group, is a beautiful experience, because it reinforces the intent.

If you feel drawn to this event, send me an email. It would be wonderful if you would like to participate.

Thank you for reading and see you next week!


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