A heartfelt thank you, and what now?

Hi there, my lovely lot,

I was amazed by your incredible response to this year’s Black Week offer from Magic Mittens. Thank you so much for having trust in the work we do together. 

I am also happily surprised to hear from so many who have never worked with me before. I am deeply grateful for your faith in me, even though we haven’t gotten to know each other yet. 

Since many of you are new clients, I want to share something interesting I have noticed over the years. Hopefully, this piece of information will make it easier to go with the flow.
In seeking the assistance of a practitioner for bodywork, therapy or some kind of spiritual growth, we commit to our personal development. By doing that, we give our subconscious,  (thought of as the Higher Self or the Soul by some) the green light to send the most pressing matters and dilemmas into our conscious reality.

Life becoming louder

Many clients have told me that as they book their session with me, it is as if Life becomes “louder”.
They may get acutely aware, all of a sudden, how they interact in their relationships or notice that they allow themselves to be treated by the environment in a way that doesn’t feel good. For some, it is as if firewood is added to the low-grade conflicts they have gotten used to and allowed to simmer in their relationships. Suddenly, these conflicts flare up and are no longer possible to neglect.

Another example of how the commitment to themselves starts manifesting is how they begin to notice opportunities they have been longing for start coming their way. At the same time,  fears that have been lurking in the shadows sneak up on them when the fulfilment of that long-standing dream is coming closer. 

Whatever shape and form Life’s loudness takes on, the clients are given a chance to become aware of what their subconscious wishes them to take a closer look at or finally deal with. And there are often A LOT OF emotions involved.

There is nothing magical about this (or maybe it actually is 😉, but the magic comes from within).
The way I see it, it derives from the intention that has been set. 

Preparing for completion

If we make a sincere commitment to something, a portion of our energy accompanies that intention towards the goal we have in mind (consciously or unconsciously). A part of our energetic being is jumping ahead and starting to prepare for the fulfilment of the intention in our future. What sets this process in motion is different for everyone.

As living beings, we are instinctively aware that our life force – the energy that keeps us alive – is our most precious resource. It is something that we subconsciously protect at all costs, in the most efficient way our instincts can come up with.
Depending on our personality, our core values and our personal life experience,  we seem to translate this resource into what we value the most in our outside reality. Most often, into something we see as a scarce and finite resource.
What we translate it into becomes apparent as we decide to work with ourselves with the assistance of someone else. That is when the rubber meets the road.

For some clients, time is their most valuable asset, and for these clients, the actual booking of the session is the shift the subconscious needs, to signal what is necessary to work through.
It can also be relationships in their own right, which those who feel alone or misunderstood by the world, consider the most valuable element in human life. Therefore, the decision to connect will be the turning point. 
For yet others, the life force has become the equivalent of monetary means. The wheels are set in motion when they pay for the session. The act of payment becomes the point when the commitment to themselves becomes “real” to them.

These are just a few examples. Maybe you would like to take a little moment to reflect on your translation. What do you consider the most precious of your assets?

Conscious or unconscious preparation for the internal work

As I started to see these fascinating connections, I realized the value of getting  ”the admin out of the way” before seeing my clients, as well as avoiding “emergency sessions”.
By allowing at least a few days between the booking and the actual session, the client has the opportunity to pick up valuable cues. Often, without being fully aware of it, they will come to our meeting prepared. This little window of time is an opportunity to get a closer look at what is happening just below the surface.

As already mentioned, I have noticed this energetic construct in the work I do with others, as well as in my own life. But don’t take my word for it; instead, check for yourself if this is true for you, too.
If you have a session booked with me (or someone else within the field of personal development), be attentive to what is happening within. It will assist you to become aware of what is going on in your life. I suggest that you have a little notebook at hand or save your notes on your phone or on your computer. Write down what stands out to you in your everyday life, the sudden insights you receive, and describe the patterns you see. 

You must remember this…

There is one very important thing to keep in mind.
If you notice a shift in your life as you have set your intention, or if there are sudden obstacles building up in your outside world as you have committed to your personal growth – you haven’t done anything wrong. Actually, the opposite is true. It is only Life assisting you by highlighting what you need to take a closer look at and what needs healing. 

We can talk a little bit about what you have found out when we see each other next time. What you have discovered will point out the most beneficial direction for the work we will do together.

Until then, take really good care of yourself!
Much love,


PS. As I wrote this last heading, a line from an old song started to play in my mind. So, I attach a little “Bonbon Musical” at the end of this post. I hope you will enjoy Bryan Ferry’s cotton velvety voice :). It is all about love…

You must remember this
A kiss is still a kiss
A sigh is just a sigh…

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