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Yesterday a group of people connected with me, to participate in a new moon meditation. I was amazed by the beautiful energies that blended, and the presence. So thank you to all of you, who wanted to spend these 30 minutes connecting with the this expanding vibration.

190505 New moon

I channelled a text during our meditation, that I thought might be of interest for the rest of you as well. You will find it here below. It is a translation of the original words, so if there are any grammatical errors and misinterpretation, it is all on me.

A word of advice before reading, take to heart that which feels right, leave the rest (maybe for later or “for not at all”). Do not dismiss what comes to mind, when reading these words. There is no “exact meaning” or a “general right interpretation”. The right meaning is what it means to you. I hope this message will bring you joy and understanding for this beautiful moment.

I also have scheduled another New moon meditation for June 3, if this seemed interesting to you.  You find more information about that event under the label Group sessions, at the website.

And now, my friend, I will get out of the way!

Have a great day!


The channelled text from May 4

The old patterns which keep the courses of events in a way they always have been, will create a new order in that which is.

You will all access development and growth in that which you work with. The new vibrations following this new moon, start a shift within each and everyone of you, and you will get an opportunity, given by yourself, for growth and for understanding of how you have created that which is present in your life experience. Regarding matter, regarding thought, regarding emotion and regarding your soul’s beautiful journey thought life.

It is for the sake of your growth and for the sake of your joy, these insights reach you.

The energies are a portal, the shift that takes place within them occurs when this portal let through specific frequencies. These specific frequencies strike a chord and resonate with the personality you carry, as a coating around your beautiful soul.

When the soul enlarges the place to occupy within, the layer of the personality gets slightly thinner, and this thinning of the personality gives you more clarity about who your really are, beneath the burden.

It is a beautiful glow radiating from you all, it is a beautiful inhabitant you carry in your centre, in your core. Choose to welcome the changing energies starting on the inner. The voice speaking about your dreams, speaking about your longing and that which wishes to take form in your life.

This is a part of the development. To offer a space for the new, through giving thanks to that which is fulfilled, and for the time you spent in connection. To cling to that which has been and not letting in that which is waiting to enrich your world, creates frustration at times. Until the process of giving thanks and letting go is completed. Then you step out in a larger clarity.

With love

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