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Hi guys,

I hope you have been well since last time you heard from me. Surprisingly many participated in the New moon meditation even thought it was on a Friday evening. To choose to spend time with oneself during perfect party-time – that is impressive! It was a very sweet and loving energy that swept around and through us.

Next opportunity to “gather in solitude” will also be during a weekend, on September 28th, 8-8.30 pm (GMT+1) The exact time for the new moon is at 8.27 pm (GMT+1), which can be interesting, since that happens towards the very end of our meditation together. The entire session will be a build-up of the energy, so, for you who are “astro-nerds”, it might be interesting to experience the shift “in stereo” 😊.

If you feel drawn to this event, go to my website and press the label GROUP SESSIONS for more information.

For those of you who have followed my blog during the spring, you know that I have written a lot about relationships, and I have several times touched on how our inner world is mirrored into our experiences outside us. Some of you might have noticed in your own life, that there has been a lot going on that arena, lately. Many have shared with me what they are struggling with relationship problems, whether that is with their loved ones, friends or with people they have a professional contact with. It seems that, at this moment, everyone has a toe or two being stepped on, having someone getting on their nerves or are even experiencing emotional havoc because of relationship-matters.

190909 A nuance of me

What if we would, for a moment, assume that the world is our personal mirror, and shift the angle from where we observe our life. If everything is relevant to us, then that which gets our attention carries a valuable piece of information – otherwise, it wouldn’t have showed up. What if the difficulties that we experience actually are connected to something within ourselves, that we are ready to studie a little closer? Those events or people who trigger us, give us an opportunity to discover something deeply buried in our own subconscious.

The best tool to translate and understand that which is showing up on your radar, are your emotions. Everything you experience gives you an immediate response or reaction, that you can feel very clearly on both an emotional and a physical level, if you just listen and allow it to unfold.

Since we are playing this game, let’s throw in another variable – maybe it is not actually personal at all! What if the people that create the tension in you, are, in a strange and warped way, helping you to see certain aspects of your own being, that you otherwise would be oblivious of?

If you manage to detach yourself, just for a moment, from the jerks, the idiots, the energy-vampires, the cheaters, the liars, the whiners, the party-poopers, the cowards – what message are they delivering to you about how you think about or treat yourself? What does their presence in your life tell you?

190909 Enough

Do you need to set firmer boundaries or take greater care of yourself? What if the sneaky, the boring, the lazy, the irritating, the cruel, the needy, the judgemental ones (or whatever it is in them that triggers you) are there just to show you something that also exist within you? Something in you has attracted these relationships and these circumstances into your life – to learn something about yourself from. Maybe it is about setting these boundaries or accepting what is, letting go, breaking up, reaching out, having trust in yourself, forgiving, standing up for yourself, learning to have compassion with yourself and other, shifting the perspective from good and bad, black and white or be less serious and hard on yourself? Maybe it is to finally let go of the corner flag and to pursue your dreams. Or is it about allowing yourself to enjoy the lightness and have more fun?

What if each one of these upsetting and triggering experiences comes into your life to make you change your view of yourself and your life, to help you heal something in you and ultimately to love yourself, no matter what?

I have offered you a pile of different examples of triggers and possible reasons for you to choose from and yet, maybe none of them fit into your personal equation. So, I encourage you to continue and search for the words that summaries that you are going through right now. No one else but you, know or can draw any conclusion about why these exact events and people ended up in your life (so do not allow anyone to tell you that you got what you deserve, or talk about some kind of retribution or punishment). What if these diffuculties truly are blessings in disguises, however painful they might be. What are they trying to help you understand, shift or heal within you?

By pure logic, this also means that you are playing an equally important role as being the triggering catalyst in the life of others. By being your truthful and honest self, you assist others to find the same kind of love for themselves. That thought can be a little bit comforting, when we are considered being “the bad guy” by somebody else.

190909 Your fault

By being true to ourselves we can assist with holding up a mirror for others to view themselves more clearly. (This has, of course, nothing to do with being mean on purpose).

I guess these words created a reaction in you.

Did you get angry? Is it too cynical for you, thinking of the amount of pain and suffering in the world, and the pain you feel in your own struggles?

Did your thoughts start to spin, to see if this theory would be applicable on what you are going through now, searching for understanding of your own situation?

Do you dismiss it all as spiritual mumbo-jumbo – a way to dissociate from the pain and to be able to cope with life?

190909 love peace and understanding

Are you making a mental list of all the exceptions to this – cases when this way of viewing the world cannot apply?

Whatever the reaction you sensed inside, it has a lot to tell about your beliefs about the world, about yourself and what you think is the purpose of your life (or even life in general). In the end, it boils down to your personal belief about your entire existence – whether life is malevolent, indifferent or benevolent.

Do you think we are paying for mistakes in the past, is humanity bound to suffer? Is life only a chaotic and random event, that just “happened to happen”, because the chemical and physical conditions on our planet made life possible? Are there invisible forces we do not understand, at working on the behalf of humanity, on an individual and collective level?

Who knows? We can only study our own life and make assumptions about it. The only thing that can be said for sure, is that your responses to these questions will colour your way of dealing with whatever comes your way.

What I have shared with your today is nothing new at all – this outlook on the world can be found in many mystical paths and spiritual traditions, in some shape or form. Sages throughout history has suggested that we attract into our life experience, what we already are (which of course is as true for the good stuff!). Teachings about how we attract that which we believe about ourselves and about life on our deepest subconscious level, and by having it showing on our doorstep, we get the chance to see it clearly.

190909 Mr Trouble


Maybe something to ponder on. Hopefully this alternative way of seeing things can ease the stress, the frustration or the sadness, if that is what you are feeling right now. Maybe there are hidden gems in the shape of insights and understanding, that are waiting for you to be discovered.

Be kind to yourself!


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