A second chance for new year resolutions…

Since I started following the Asian astrological calendar (ruled by the lunar cycles), I have relaxed a little bit with my usual New Year resolutions. It is as if I have been handed a bit of extra time before starting anew.
For me, the time between the 1st of January and the beginning of the new Lunar New Year has become a time pocket for reflection, completing unfinished projects, and giving myself space to figure out if the dreams I have for the year ahead are strong enough to pursue.

The Year of the Blue Dragon

Today, February 10, 2024, we are taking a step over the threshold into something new – the Year of the Blue Dragon. I am not well versed enough in Asian astrology to tell you about the general brush strokes we can expect this year- that we will discover along the way. However, it is nice to have a fresh start, and I sense a wif of magic in the air.

Happy New Year!

May all sorts of wonderful blessings come your way

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