Gathering in solitude, March 29, 9 pm (GMT +1)

Dear friend,

I hope you are not feeling too overwhelmed by what is surrounding us right now. If you do feel burdened and scared, try to find ways to care for yourself and to connect to others in a safe way. Please, do not forget to be kind to and have compassion for yourself – life is a bit crazy right now! Go inside and ask what would help you find peace and calm in the moment.

You are more than welcome to join the rest of us in my weekly group meditation, gathering in solitude. When you have claimed your spot (I need to know where I should send the channeled message that I recieve), all you need to do is to find a quiet and comfortable corner I your home and stay present within.

Sunday evening March 29, 9 – 9.30 pm (GMT+1)

You find more information and instructions how to join this event on my website if you click on GROUP SESSION.

I also would like to thank all of you who participated in last week’s event.  Thoughts and feelings are in a way “real things” and have an effect on everyone. Even if not all of us can stand on the forefront of things; saving lives or searching for a vaccine, we can help those who do by taking care of our own thoughts and emotions. I heard someone say that the fear around the covid-19 is as viral as the actual virus itself, just on another level of frequency. I believe this to be very true.

So, if you feel drawn to this event, you are the most welcome to join.

Much love,



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