A reminder to choose wisely

My dear friends,

Some time has passed since I published anything on my blog, and it is nice to be back with you again. I hope you are doing well despite the turmoil we are seeing in the world.
The intention I have with this post is to remind us all of the power of thought. The thoughts and emotions we fill ourselves with is a choice. It is not always easy to make them follow our will, but it is possible to steer them towards a more positive and useful direction.

There are still things we can do

Right now, it is easy to feel powerless and lost when the epicenter of the action mights be thousands of miles away from where we are, and yet its consequences touch on our everyday lives.

What can we do to help? What power do we have to change what feels so upsetting?
Maybe we are keeping ourselves updated through various channels about the latest development. Perhaps we have made donations to help-organizations. Or we have decided to be mindful of what information we share with others, using our critical thinking. Or we choose to show our support through public protests and social media.
But if it doesn’t feel enough, despite having done everything we can think of?

There are still important things we can do to contribute. We can assist the world by being acutely aware of our thoughts and feelings – they are far more powerful than we might imagine. 

Thinking + feeling = creating

If it sounds ridiculous in the greater scheme of things, please travel back into your memory in search of a time when you experienced a sudden shift of mind. Find episodes when a change of consciousness led to a shift in your perception of the situation and eventually altered the outcome and the actions you decided to take. Strangely enough, it doesn’t matter if you search for a negative shift or a positive one. Both directions work the same – kryptonite and ginseng are equally powerful.

I’ll give you some examples to know what you are looking for.
Have you ever been in a splendid mood because things are going exceptionally well for you? You believe in yourself, and your wildest dreams seem just within reach. Then you meet someone who gets triggered by your “luck” and then is oozing envy, even though they do not express their feelings. Their mere presence can pierce your once cheerful mood until all that remains are the sad leftovers of a broken balloon. Maybe there is no point going after that dream after all…

The opposite is equally true. If you are having a really bad day or are feeling overwhelmed by the workload, a cute note on the fridge written by someone you love can instantly turn everything around. A tiny piece of chocolate left on your desk at work by someone who cares for you, who knows about your struggles, can make miracles for your wellbeing. Their kindness lingers in the air and helps you muster the courage to deal with your monster-long To-do-list.

These are trivial examples, but I am sure you have felt similar shifts many times in your life. With a little bit of introspection, you will probably find more significant ones as well.
Even though it might seem silly in comparison with the current tragedies, your findings will prove to you how our emotional state and our thoughts color each others lives and experiences. Imagine then what happens when millions (or even billions) of people focus on certain feelings and thoughts at the same time…

Don’t think about what the darkness can do to the light. Instead, think about what the light can do to the darkness.

If you tap into these two sentences, can you feel a difference between them and sense their separate energetic vibrations? It is the miles-wide difference between hopelessness and hope, powerlessness and power.

Be a part of the solution

If we get stuck in emotions of hopelessness and powerlessness without trying to transform them into something more meaningful or searching for a deeper understanding of ourselves, we are wasting our energy. If we spend our awake time in a constant state of worry, it serves no one. Quite frankly, it would be better if we didn’t think about the matter at all because the combination of thoughts and emotions is the formula for creation.

All over the world, meditation groups hold the thought of peace in their minds. People are praying for soldiers and civilians who are caught up in the midst of this madness. Many of our world’s leaders and their staff are doing all in their power to steer our future towards calmer waters. Help-workers and many others risk their lives to support those in need.
Those stuck in a paralyzing fear or are looping their worry-mantra use up a good portion of the stability and lighter frequency created by those who strive to make a tangible change for the better.

I am sure you have noticed that some people feed on negativity and powerlessness. Somehow they need the vibration of fear because it mirrors something within themselves and in their own lives. A bit of inner work around their feelings would be of use, but it is up to them when and if to do something about it. Do not allow their fears to hijack your vibrational frequency and bury it in a pit of despair and powerlessness. Do not listen to the argument that we need to be “realistic” about the drama played out on the world’s scene. Is what we see really realistic to begin with?

What do you believe to be true?

What I am going to share now might be challenging to a few of you. My opinion (based on my own experience) is that sending love or hate to someone who suffers from extreme power hunger and has severe problems feeling empathy is actually harmful to the situation.

Focusing your attention (independent on which end of the emotional spectrum) on someone who suffers from a warped sense of self or a skewed feeling of entitlement only replenishes their energy field. It fuels their ambitions and gives them a surge of new energy they can use as they please. It makes the overall situation worse, and again you are wasting your energy.

Instead, I suggest that you aim your awareness at those you want to give an extra boost of support and power. Send your love to those you believe need it. Let the rest be. Our thoughts and emotions are very powerful tools indeed, even if we forget that at times.

Thank you for reading what I have shared today. I wanted to remind us all to invest our energy wisely and where we believe it to be the most useful. And even if it sounds a bit cheesy, remember what the light does to the darkness.

Take care and lots of love to you all,


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    1. Dearest Diane,
      Sorry it took a while to get to the reply-button. Thank you so much for reading my post and for your kind words. I hope you are both doing well <3

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