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I hope you all have had a good summer, despite the unusual heat waves. At least in my country, where we are used to modest temperatures, a little bit of sun and often a generosity of rain – thirty degrees Celsius day after day and week after week has made both humans beings, animals and nature suffer a great deal.


The night skies have been filled with interesting phenomena this summer; lunar eclipses, a sun eclipse and a blood moon have even been highlighter in media. You, who are a bit familiar with astrology, might be aware of the unusual planetary patterns. Six of the planets in our solar system have been retrograde. For you who have not the slightest clue about what you just read – this means that, from our point of view from Earth, these planets following their trajectory around the sun, seemingly moving backwards.

According to astrology, the difference between a direct planet (which seems to have a forward motion) versus a retrograde planet (which seems to have a backward motion), has a great impact on our perspective of life.

I am going to simplify the matter in an almost criminal way, and beforehand I apologise to all of you with extensive knowledge in the topic. It is of course much more complex and intricate – but we have to start somewhere, right? Also, teaching you astrology is not what I aiming for in this blog post, as you will see later on.

You could say that, when planets move directly, we have most of our focus on the external side of life, it is about being present and about creating our future. When the planets are retrograde, our focus tend to be on the inside, everything slows down. Life helps us (often by triggering us and stepping on every nerv-ending we have) to see the things we still need to heal, where we need to go back in our history and become aware of patterning. We might, during times like this, get sudden insights about what we need to shift in our view of the world, of ourselves and what needs to change in our behaviours. Suddenly we might realise that what we thought to be true, just simply isn’t anymore. It is a time where we get closer to ourselves, and if we choose to listen. We get an awareness of what needs to shift in us or in our relationships to others. It is a great time for internal work, for healing and awareness. When the planets then move direct again – and if our timing is good – it could be a little bit like surfing on a beautiful wave. If we have done our “homework”, a lot of things move towards something better and truer, either “by themselves” or by our conscious decision. A lot of manifestation can be done. This is one of the ways we can work with direct and retrograde planets, if we wish to.

So, this summer we had six planets moving retrograde at the same time. We have been triggered by heat, by news and even in our relationships on a global level. There has not been so much movement forward, much more internal work, scrutinizing of how things are done and what needs to shift and change. It has been reactivity rather than activity.

If you look at your own life, what have you experienced this summer? Have you had any epiphanies about you? Your family? Your friends? About what you have taken for granted (or wanted to see) that really wasn’t true? Or the very opposite – something you didn’t think was there, but actually supports, you that you didn’t count on?

This finally brings me to the actual topic I wanted to write about this time, and it is a question:

Do you keep a diary, a journal or have a file in your computer where you can keep and save your insights, the sudden understanding that come to you?


It is one of the questions I ask almost every client I work with – because having somewhere to save these precious gifts of understanding and our reflexions on what matters to us, is such a great help. It is especially rewarding during periods when you have made a conscious decision to expand and grow.

A journal is a place where you can get a better overview – where you can see these invisible patterns you repeat over and over again. Maybe there is a red thread in the hindrance and the obstacles you stumble on when you try to achieve something in your life? Do you attract or choose the same type of people in your life over and over again? That very fact that they are similar to each other or make you feel a certain way, is a “coincidence” that would be helpful to take a closer look at. A perfect thing to research in a diary.20180818 patterning

It is a place to scribble down all the brilliant ideas that reaches you when you expect it the least – those thoughts that really would make a huge difference in your life, if you made something out of them.

A journal is a place where you, when going over it again at a later time, can become aware of the changes that you have done. Things really aren’t the same as they always were – you have changed, people around you have changed and your life has changed, even if that change is even so small or has occurred over a long period of time. You have worked hard and accomplished a lot more than you think you have. And sometimes, by rereading your journal, you can find that encouragement you need to get the spirits back up again. It is a place where you can celebrate your victories all over again.

A journal – in whatever form that suits you – is a place where you spend time with yourself – and where you get to know yourself. Where you have to acknowledge, through the pen or the keyboard, what you really think, what you really feel and what you really want. When you are forced to articulate yourself, you will discover those mental blocks or errors in your logical thinking that otherwise slip through unnoticed. Discrepancies in the hasty stream of random thoughts, passing through your brains at every awaken hour of your life.

No one likes a friend that never lets them have any air-time, never allows them to give their point of view, always interrupts them and contently critizises them for doing things the wrong way. And yet I think many of us are treating ourselves that way. Your diary is a great place to be your own best friend, without censorship and demands.

20180818 Talking' to me (2)

If you feel uncomfortable just by the very thought of expressing to yourself what matters the most in your life, what you think about, a resistance to feel – that, in itself, is a very interesting thing to reflect upon! Why is that so? If it is this last sentence that gets your attention – then there are a lot of things to discover in yourself and in your life. Please, try not to be judgemental about what you find, see it as a help to move towards freedom and connectedness with yourself.

And at last, if you do not believe me regarding direct and retrograde planets, you can always try to prove me wrong ;). Keep a record of what you think about and what is taking place in your life. The perfect place to do that, is in a journal!

Good luck and thank you for reading!

Lots of love,


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