Le Soleil a rendez-vous avec la Lune

Hi everyone, long time no see…

Even thought life has been slowed down and limitied by the pandemic , I have been strangely busy this fall, but here I am again.
I hope you’ve all been doing well, despite the shifts and changes, and have made this time into the treasure it can be, if we allow it.

If you do not understand French, I am afraid you will miss my little musical joke, but it is connected to the event that occurs today.

Charles Trennet’s Le Solieil et la Lune fits perfectly with the important shift some of us will be able to see in the sky today (those who subscribe to my blogposts will have to find this tune on their own – please visit Spotify or similar services).

In a few hours there will be a solar eclipse. If you happen to be in South America it is even visible to you. Both solar eclipses and lunar eclipses are energetically fascinating. If you are a person who normally is aware of the subtle shifts in your physical and energetic body – this is a time to pay attention. If you need to practice your bodily awareness, this is a perfect opportunity to sense what is going on within you.

During eclipses the celestial bodies cover one another. They line up one in front of the other, when seen from Earth. It is almost like a power interrupt, or you could compare it with restarting your computer. For the human energetic field we could say that an eclipse reset of our energetic “software”. Therefore it is interesting to pay closer attention to yourself during and after an eclipse. What has been updated in your system in this new version. The changes might be subtle, but the consequenses of these updates might alter (even if only slightly) the intentions you set and the goals you feel inspired by.

Some say that our eyes can feel a bit funny around around an eclipse, and I suspect that it has to do with the precise pressure of the liquid in our eyeballs. If the moon can create such powerful movements as ebbs and flows, maybe it is not surprising that a shift in the pull from our sun can affect our eyes.

I will keep my post short today. I only wanted to remind you that today and the following days can be interesting, if you allow them to be. We have a defined window of opportunity. If we focus we can sense the shift between different vibrations very clearly, as the sky switches off and on the light!

Have fun!

PS. And for the Sun and the Moon, I wish them a joyful date! 😉

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