A bit of lovin… Part 2

Hi again and welcome back to this post-Valentine’s week!

I continue to have different aspects of love in focus. In Part 2 we will travel into the realm of energy; vibrations and frequencies – and see how love fits into that equation.

To get in the right mood, listen to this! It is such a beautiful Finish song (even if I do not understand the lyrics…)

All of us are equipped with an intuition and a sensitivity that is registering what is going on around us. How skilled we are to use these abilities differs, but as with everything else – we get better if we practice.

I arrived at this world with a double dose of intuition and a hyper-sensitivity to “vibes”. It took me a long time to accept that I was a so called empath, and that I had been given gifts, rather than curses. To trust and to put these abilities into good use took even longer. With time I realised that I could translate the frequencies that surround us and convert them into useful information. So, what I am going to share with you in this post are things I have experienced myself, or insights I have gained from these experiences.

Being the translator…

Now, let’s return to the theme of this week.
To be able to understand how love works on an energetic level, we have to be aware of the energy field that is surrounding us.  

Oversimplified, our personal energy field is the combination of our true thoughts and emotions, our total life experience, and the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world.

With true thoughts and emotions, I mean our deepest truth, the beliefs we hold in our core. Sometimes our intellect can deceive us a little bit by presenting “politically correct” beliefs and truths as our own – which basically are white lies we tell ourselves to feel better.

Or we have found a way to disconnect ourselves from that which feels unpleasant. This particular strategy even has a name – EA, Experiential Avoidance. Unfortunately, our “Photoshopped” truth filters will not decide the frequency of our energy field. They will only add a layer of confusion.

Eh voilà! What we can’t feel isn’t there!!!

Our energy field works a little bit like walkie-talkies. The frequency emitted from us is the total sum of all our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and life experiences. For another person to “hear” us clearly, their energy field has to vibrate on a similar frequency as ours.

Two people with very similar frequency can feel drawn to each other in some way – maybe there is a romantic attraction, or the promise of a sincere friendship or they might discover how well they collaborate – they simply get along. The more consciously aware we are about ourselves, the clearer and smoother our connections with others will be. One thing worth to point out is that a similar energy frequency does not necessarily mean that the relationship will be free from friction – but even in opposition there will be a kind of mutual understanding.

People with a quite different energetic makeup from ours, might experience our frequency as static. It is difficult to understand each other. And probably they will feel quite uncomfortable in our company.

I am sure you have experienced the following at some point. You meet someone for the first time, and even if the both of you are doing your absolute best, it is impossible to find the flow and a common ground. There simply is no connection. On the other hand, people who may seem far from each other on the outside, might be a match made in heaven energetically.

Same, same but different

To have a similar frequency doesn’t mean it has to be identical. It is more a question about compatibility.

If you live in the conviction that you are born a demi-goddess, and therefore entitled admiration and worship – you will probably attract people who will treat you accordingly. They long for fulfiling your smallest whim… while others probably will take long detours!

On the other hand, if you perceive yourself as unworthy or lesser than others, even if there is no conscious reason behind your feelings – you might resonate with a person who are convinced of their own superiority. You might attract people who need to look down on others to feel safe and secure. You can imagine what an intricate energetic puzzle this is!

No longer same, same but different

These uneven, but yet compatible, frequencies constantly strive for equilibrium – a kind of energetic homeostasis.  As soon as one part in the relationship changes, the dynamic shifts. If the other part refuses to adjust, the frequencies will no longer match each other as they used to do. Suddenly it feels uncomfortable or unpleasant to be around each other. A counter-reaction will follow.

The ability to love is a particular vibration you can sense in someone’s energy field. We all need to find our own queues to notice the presence of love. As I wrote in my previous blogpost, our definition depends on how love has showed up in our life experience. A good place to learn about the different levels of love, is within your own energetic field. How does it feel when love is “triggered” within you? Is there a scale? Does different people bring forth different kinds of love within you? How do you perceive the love others wrap around you?

The less condition based love is, the higher the frequency. (a good rule of thumb)

If you just had an epiphany about attracting the wrong people, the best place to start working is within yourself, to change what you magnetize into your life. Trust me, it is much easier than trying to change the environment…

That is the direction we will move in next time – how do we change our energy field so we draw on to us that which is compatible with love.

If you need someone to talk with to about these matters, you know where to find me 🙂 www.magicmittens.wordpress.com

Thank you very much for reading my post.

See you soon again,


The magic Mittens

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