“Gathering in solitude” A 100 % non-contagious free event…

Hi guys,

How strange life became, all of a sudden! I hope all of you are doing ok, despite these extraordinary times.

Whether you are living in an area rather unaffected by the coronavirus or if your country’s government has told you to stay at home, you are welcome to join me on Sunday for a meditation and healing session. We all stay were we are physically, but will connect by being present in the moment.

Meditation March 22, 9 – 9.30 pm (GMT +1)

Normally, I offer these free meditations according to the lunar calendar (either on the New Moon or at the Full Moon), due to the very refined energies that surrounds the planet at these particular times.

As we are experiencing a new “normal” now, I have decided to offer these meditations on a weekly basis for a while. I think we all could benefit from a few moments of peace and calm within.

What I, personally, think serves us the most right now is to stay grounded and not allowing neither paralysing fear nor denial run the show.

200321 paralysed

We need a clear head to not end up on an emotional roller coaster and we need to make the best decisions, for ourselves and our loved ones, we possibly can. Meditation is a really great tool to balance our thoughts and emotions.

200321 Denial

Some of you have already participated in these events, so you know where to search for the details. For you who are new to this, click on the label Group Sessions here at my website. There you will find more information and also instructions how to join this event.

Welcome to meditate with the rest of us. Until then, take good and loving care of yourself, wash your hands often and smile whenever you can!


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