Under the magnifying glass

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So, it is time to sit down and write again! Today I decided to share what seems to be the common “vibe” at the moment.

I do not know if you have felt the same wave of intensity in life, as I have these last couple of months. One thing after another is showing up in front of me, demanding to be dealt with. I can also see as a lot of shifts and changes outside my own personal sphere as well. In one of the texts I channeled last week, I was given some insight about what is going on in “the bigger picture”. I wanted to share this with you.

In this beautiful time, the dilemmas that have been tightly tied together within, in the deepest hiding-places, are being released. These are the original challenges one came into this life to work through and to understand. Now, parts of these original dilemmas are being liberated, to be felt and seen. So, therefor take notice of one’s life and be attentive of the language spoken by the emotions.

These inner dilemmas are more important than that which is taking place between oneself and the people around. These are parts within the Self, where the flow of energy not yet has its full freedom and lightness. Beliefs about oneself, about one’s abilities and possibilities, about one’s rights and duties – where these beliefs tie together and bring darkness on the inside, when together with others.

I hope these words will be useful to you as well. Especially if you find life being a bit more challanging lately and you also have noticed that the “volume” suddenly has been turned up. Maybe you have become aware of things that you used to accept as facts of life, which now seems to poke you in the eye. Or maybe you have recently thought, through gritted teeth, “what is wrong with people???!”

It seems to me, that we are all being given the chance to take a closer look at what our core dilemmas are built from. Life gifts us with the chance to do that, by letting them show up in many places at the same time, and we are given the opportunity to really understand what they are all about.


If you are unsure about what I mean by core dilemmas, it is contradiction within. One way of explain them is as something that get all our alarms going, but is not really true. I will give you some examples. It can be a general feeling of being utterly lonely no matter the number of people you have around you, always feeling judged or unworthy, being so paralyzed by the fear of failure that you cannot act even though you know you need to, always fearing being excluded, feeling hindered or struggling with indecisiveness how to move forward? There are many more of course. It is like an inner roadblock showing up time and time again, stopping you from creating what you want in your life or in your relationships.

190823 road block

These core dilemmas are lika a personal theme, or a repetitive pattern in you, which also tends to show up in your interaction with others. Normally, these feelings are elusive and difficult to get hold of. Most often they are as slippery as a new-caught fish, trying to escape back into the safety of the waters (the subconscious). Though now, when they seem to appear more frequently or right in front of us, we get to see and sense them – and hopefully work through them.190823 Slippery

The amazing thing about this new clarity we seem to have now,  is that, just by becoming aware of these core dilemmas, they start to transform and change. Even if these experiences are difficult and sometimes very painful, it is also a way for Life to shed light on what still needs to be healed inside of us and help us start that healing within ourselves. So, even if it might seem a bit backwards – we are getting help to care for those deep pains and aches we carry in our hearts.

190826 Help to heal

This was what I understood from the words that came through. Did I get your thinking going by sharing this, so you managed to catch a little “dilemma-fish” on the hook? What came to mind?

A little reminder for those who like meditation

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Have a nice week!


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