So what exactly is it that I do?

This is a very “free” translation and extended version of what you can read in Swedish in the column labelled PÅ SVENSKA. I enjoyed writing that piece and drawing the illustrations, so I wanted to share the content with the rest of you too. It is a presentation of myself and a description of my work in a little more detail. It talks about what I can assist you with, if you feel drawn to this kind of work.

To my big surprise, more than 50 percent of all the people to visit my website come from other countries than Sweden. It was when some of the visitors wanted to double-check if the translation they got through Google Translate really corresponded with what I wanted to say, that I decided to switch over to writing in English.

So who am I?

My name is Carin Eklund and I started my business in 2007. I offer sessions where I weave together energetic medicine and coaching. By experience I have found this combination to be the most beneficial.

Sedona (2)

As long as I can remember I have been passionately interested in the connection between body, mind and soul. Without being able to explain what it was, I knew from a very young age that I had something special in my hands that made people feel better when I touched them. I also realised I knew a lot of things about people that they had never told me. As I grew up I shut down these abilities and tried to live a “normal life”, until the intuitive gifts started to tap me on the shoulder and refused to go away.

To get a better understanding of what was happening to me I had to search for knowledge that could explain all the odd experiences in my life. The way I got my certificate in acupressure is a typical example of that. Subtly at first, I began to feel lines in my body, and certain areas were vibrating. First I thought it was the blood vessels and I I feared I was suffering from strange disease, then I thought it was the tendons until these sensations happened so frequently that I needed to do something about it. I started to study acupressure and TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and I suddenly understood why I had felt all these strange sensations. It was like being given the dictionary of a foreign language I heard every day but never had understood.

Discipline after discipline opened its door to me and pushed me through. I am initiated in Reiki, a few different South American medicine traditions, I have studied school medicine, and I have spent many years studying TCM, I have studied Qi gong for several different teachers, I have had the chance to scratch on the surface and marvel at the Classical Chinese Arts. I have travelled to many different corners of our globe and met so many incredible people. Many of them belonging to different indigenous tribes. I have learnt about their view on healing and personal growth.

Over and over again, I have seen the extraordinary complexity of the human nature.  We are a combination of our different levels; our physicality, our intellect, our emotions and our spirit (which still is much of a mystery to me). I have seen how these different levels interact with each other in a much more intimate way than we might think.  It almost seems like a cliché to say that we need to see the human being as a combination of these different systems, but I find it to be the starting point when trying to understand the root of a symptom. They all need to be considered to obtain a lasting healing.

20170915 Our different levelsMy modus operandi

The way I work has shifted and changed over the years, from treating the physical body by working on specific acupressure points, to focus on the energetic part and becoming independent of physical distance. This means that it doesn’t matter if my client is on the other side of the globe or sitting in my office, the effects are the same. The conversations can be done in person or over the phone, Skype or some other internet-based platform.

A consultation consists of two parts and takes approximately two hours. The first hour I tune in to the client’s energy field, which gives me a sensation of how the client is feeling at the moment. I also receive a text. Some call it channeling, others automatic writing, some make a clear distinction between the two – personally I do not really know what it is – I just write. This text usually talks about the client’s life-situation, the struggles, the worries and what would be useful to work with at the moment in order to shift that.

The energetic work focus on the tensions in both the physical and the energetic body, emotions that are blocked or thought patterns that are stuck. For those who are aware of the spiritual aspect of themselves, this process also works on creating a closer relationship to the person we are in our core. It reaches beyond all the layers created by upbringing, life experience and cultural programming that we carry as an armour around our being.

The best thing to do during this part of the work is just to relax. Many of those I have worked with tell me about their experiences during this part of the session. Sensations in the body, thoughts moving back and forth and sudden insights coming out of the blue. To make the most out of this, it is best to have no expectations. The experience is very personal, and depends on where you are at, at the moment.

20170915 Relax

After an hour I call the client, send the text and we talk about the information I have received. Most often there is also time for the client to bring forth topics that they have been thinking about or is struggling with at the moment.

What can you expect after a session?

If you have chosen to do a session it is good to create a little bit of space for yourself afterwards. You can feel tired and bruised if deep muscle tension has gotten released. Some experience sadness or other emotional expressions. Many long to spend some time alone with their thoughts when we are done, maybe take some time to journal about the experience. To keep a diary or a journal is something that I strongly recommend, as it gives a kind of continuity and a possibility to follow the progress. We tend to forget what we have felt, thought and experience in the flow of daily life.

The words that are received is often a message about areas to work with; emotional luggage, blocking thoughts between you and a more joyful life experience. These words are meant to be worked with. The energetic process that is started will continue for a while. What is needed of the client to get the best results is a willingness to continue the work that has been started beyond the session. Even if it might seem like a subtle process – first rest for an hour and then talk on the phone for an hour – this work reaches deeper inside than one might think. It is good to take that into account.

For those who feel drawn to work with me this way on a more consistent basis, my experience has shown me that an interval of 5-6 weeks between the sessions usually is the best. That gives the processes that have begun time to be anchored and stabilized. It gives the client an opportunity to get used to the “new normal”.

Who should NOT work with me?

If you are pregnant, you will have to wait until the little miracle has arrived! (Preferable you also wait until you have stopped breastfeeding your child.) Even if some say that healing work is not harmful to the fetus, I decided from the very beginning not to work with pregnant women. The unborn child is energetically so delicate and needs peace and calm to develop. If the mother deliberately starts working on deep emotional wounds or on releasing muscular tension during the pregnancy, it will stress and affect the entire body. In my opinion that is something she should spare the little human being from. (I am not talking about maternity yoga or other forms of training especially adapted to pregnant women here.)20170915 GravidIf you know that you are suffering from serious psychological illness, have psychotic episodes or know that your mental health is very vulnerable at the moment, my work is not a good match for you. This way of working with the energetic field is far too transforming and all kinds of energetic treatments can actually make your illness worse. If you see a medical professional on a regular basis, get their advise on the matter.

20170915 Too challanged already

I am not a doctor, even if I have studied a fair bit of school-medicine. I have no formal psychological training, so I do not want to jeopardise your health by not being capable of seeing the whole picture. If you know that you suffer from problems of this kind, you need to take the best care you can of yourself. Be kind to yourself and listen to those who know how to help you.

If you do not feel ready for change. When you take a step towards a happier, more soulful life you will experience change. It can be emotional pieces and memories that surface, it can bring on a shift in how you view yourself, it might be a new way of thinking that will push you to see your current relationships in a new light. This can inspire or even force you to make shifts in your outer reality, your relationships, your profession. If can make you aware of any area in your life that needs attention. If this feels overwhelming, you’d better wait for a better time to do this kind of work on yourself.

20170915 Change - no thanks!

If you see the human being only as a randomly connected lump of cells, run by electrical impulses, and the soul to be a commercial trick  –  this is nothing for you!  I am joking a little bit here, but I am serious too. My job is not to convince you to believe in something that does not resonate with you.

20170915 Evidence, please!

If you and I will get into a discussion about proof – the time we spend together will be unpleasant and a waste for the both of us. My ambition is to share what I have learnt so far with those who find my knowledge interesting and useful, and to use the beautiful gift I have been given to assist others. So if you are sceptical to my work – I honor your scepticism! 🙂 I have met many who have not treated “my truth” with respect during the years. Some have told me what they think about people like me in sometimes very blunt and insensitive ways. I do not want to behave the same way to others just because our opinions on the human existence differ.


I do love my work, I love the way I have found to make my abilities be of service in the world. I feel so honored when I get someone’s confidence to assist in their healing process. All these deep and heartfelt conversations I have with people in my profession, make me humble when seeing the innate wisdom and richness in the human nature. This work also has given me hope in many ways. There are things to be done when life feels unbearably heavy, there are ways to come to peace with painful experiences. I have  seen people forgive and let go of the past and walk away so much lighter at heart.

So, if you are interested in what I do and would like work with me, check “BOOK A SESSION” here on the website. You will find the schedule there. Under RATES AND PACKAGES, you will find out about my fees. There you also can read about the different packages available.

Thank you for giving me of your time to read this.

Have a Lovely day!


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