Between Happy New Year and The Rabbit!

My Dear Friend,

2022 has gone full circle.
We leave behind a year colored by emotions. We have experienced the entire range of feelings, from the foggiest fear and sadness to the deepest clarity. And hopefully, there has been a good portion of joy and peace in between. This past year, so rich in experiences, has transformed and changed us all.

As I woke up on January 1, I was surprised by the relief I felt that 2022 was finally over – We made it!!!
My next thought was: – And now what??!

The Artist Within

2023 is in front of us, a blank page to fill with new intentions for projects, ideas, and dreams.
In our innate treasure box, we all are equipped with a true superpower – our ability to create.
To be creative doesn’t require a paintbrush in our hand or a baker hat on our head, even if art and mastery of dough and batter are beautiful ways to express our creativity.
What is necessary, though, is to appreciate the power of our thoughts and emotions.

As Life passes through us (in some traditions, the life force is called Prana or Qi), it takes on the shapes and forms of who we are. What we think and feel about ourselves and our world is whipped together and manifests as our reality (maybe the baker metaphor isn’t so bad after all!). Our energy field also decides how we experience our reality (the one we just created) by the lenses we see our lives through and our expectations.

A Master of Dough and Batter

So, after all that inner work we have done, I am very curious about what we will see manifested in the world and our individual lives in the course of the next 12 months. What will all this transformation inside of us look like on the outside?

As I write this, we have taken the first few steps over the threshold into 2023. Maybe there already are a few brushstrokes on our blank page (take a peek at your calendar), but probably there is also a lot of empty space left for you to play with.

Why not go for the wildest?

If you think about this new year ahead, is there something you really would like to create or experience in your life?
What would give you a warm and fuzzy feeling within when you think about it?
Which one of your dreams makes your heart flutter?
Are there hopes and longings you only dare to whisper with yourself about, afraid that they are far too grand, too big, and too wild for you?

How about going for the wildest and most beautiful dreams for 2023?
What if you leave the ‘sensible’ and diminished versions to the side for later?
Try to let go of what the environment thinks. Not shrinking your imagination to a level of achievements (you think) your family, friends, and acquaintances would find ‘acceptable* for you to achieve.
By using our imagination and our thoughts deliberately, we can create the shapes and forms of our intentions. We can color our masterpieces with our emotions in bright and happy nuances.

For those who feel drawn to the Asian astrology, we get a second chance to firmly set our intentions for this year’s creations on January 22.
That day we move into The Year Of The Rabbit.

The Year of the Rabbit

Before I finish today, I want to thank all of you who have been part of my journey over the past year.
A very special and heartfelt thanks go to all the clients I have worked with during 2022. You are all so precious, and I am honored by your faith in me.
I truly admire your courage, curiosity, and commitment to yourselves. By bringing more light into your own lives, you make the world a better place for so many.
I am also grateful for your great sense of humor, even on rainy days.
I will repeat what my daughter Reni always says when someone (including herself!) has done something remarkable: -You’re so PRO!!!! 😊

I wish you a wonderful and creative 2023.
May your most heartfelt and cherished dreams come true!

Until next time, lots of love,

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