Happy Easter!

My dear friend,

I hope this blog post finds you in good health and in peace of mind. Here in Sweden, we have finally been enjoying gentle embrace of spring, with longer days and more daylight.

At this time last year, most of us were in a fight-or-flight mood, nervous or afraid of what was happening. This year most are at a different place, more composed and more accepting of what is. A devastating number of people have experienced pain, grief, and loss during this past year. Many have had fierce battles with fear and worry. Loneliness has been challenging for so many. And extraordinary kindness, bravery, and strength have shown up in unexpected places.

Let’s give ourselves some praise

So much has been accomplished on the inner, even if the outer world has been so small and restricted for most people.
Give yourself a little pat on the back for all the shifts you have accepted and all the tension you have been able to harbor within and then transformed.
If you give it some thought, I am sure you will notice how much you have changed and grown by this experience (however difficult and unpleasant it has been). If you have a few free days ahead of you, enjoy a little rest after all this hard work.

I wish you a Happy Easter!

Safe travels, girls!

Today’s musical gift is Dark Lady with Cher 🙂

Until next time, much love and take care,


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