A very busy month…

So, what do we have? An eclipse season where we have been pushed to reexamine our sense of self and our emotional life, a Mercury retrograde, an unusual tête-à-tête between the giants in our solar system, and a long-time-no-see comet on top of that…

These are just a few of the great alignments we have worked our way through during the past few weeks. If you have felt or feel a bit all over the place, worn out, or surprised by an exceptional surge of creativity lately, this can be part of the reason. I hope you are all doing fine, though, despite being pushed by life (willingly or unknowingly) to find out more about yourself.

It may bring some comfort to know that many astrologers predict say that the ride will be smoother as we step into the month of May. By then we can hopefully begin to understand and assimilate the discoveries we have made during this very intense month.

A creativity retreat

For me, April has been one of the most crazy creative periods I have experienced in my adult life.
I have seen clients online as usual, but I spent the better part of the month almost entirely on my own.
It has been a one-woman retreat, with occasionally but rarely dipped toes into the outside world… To find myself at the airport on my way back home yesterday was a bit shocking to my system. Gosh, so many people!

I know I can be very frustrating to be around when I am lost in this kind of creativity. I forget to close doors, especially cupboard doors, and the kitchen looks like it has been visited by a burglar (other kitchen users might be at peril if they are tall enough). I don’t finish my sentences and I suddenly realise I am blankly staring at the poor person I was talking to. I put things back in the wrong place after using them, car keys next to the toothbrush-type of misplacements – either the toothbrush is in the car, or the keys next to the toothpaste….
I float around, and now and then, I bump into new ideas. But it is OH, SO DELICIOUS to be in this space, even if it is not always a happy place.
I suspect my family secretly appreciated me being safe but somewhere else during this particular creative “episode”, even if they said they missed me during the weeks I have been away.

I will share the results, the shape and form, of all these new ideas in small portions here in my blog. You will be able to read about the new projects, my upcoming online class in July, and other things that may be of interest and hopefully enjoyable.

Saving your insights

Even if you have not closed yourself off from the outside world like I did, you have probably accomplished more than you think. Have you caught sight of yourself from a different angle or have you found new areas of interest that suddenly shimmer like the most beautiful sunrise?

As always, I am trying to nudge you closer to your journal, so you can save your insights and beautiful ideas. Even if they might not make total sense right now, they will eventually.

Hopeful and comforting company

To accompany you on this last stretch of April, whether you are worn out, struggling, feeling tearful & sad, or too speeded up, I have chosen Smith and Thell’s wonderful song, I Feel It In The Wind
The band’s origins are in my own backyard, Helsingborg, which I was not really aware of (sorry). My very knowledgeable and pop-nerdy husband pointed out that their sound has that characteristic and wonderful Swedish vibe. I love it, and perhaps you will too.

Take good care of yourself, and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. It has been a lot lately…

Much love,


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