I first began working with Carin because I was interested in expanding my creativity and writing more easily with flow and inspiration.

What I received has been so much more! Her facilitation of the Soul Integration process assists me tremendously in being more present in my everyday life. I am more at peace in general, less reactive in relationships, and more content while writing – which all feels wonderful!

Carin’s wise and deeply compassionate perspective helps me to look at whatever may be troubling me in a fresh way that brings relief. I can now express myself with more clarity and decisiveness.

Carin is a very special person and a pleasure to work with. Her gentle presence helped me to open up easily and that trust allowed me to go deeper and have real transformation.  Well-versed in Chinese medicine, Astrology, Channeling and Manifestation Principles, she draws upon all these modalities seamlessly in her practice.

Working with Carin has been a joy that’s enriched my life in so many ways!  I am now able to live with deeper awareness and claim the beautiful life I always knew was possible for me.

    Ann Markel, Screenwriter, New York City

Jag har jobbat med Carin i över 10 år, och jag kan utan att tveka säga att det är den bästa investeringen jag gjort i mitt liv. 

Carins breda kunskap inom otaliga ämnen (såsom healing, astrologi, kinesisk medicin och nu senast Soul Integration) tillsammans med hennes starka intuition och medialitet har hjälpt mig genom såväl jobbiga trauman och sorg till mer vardagliga problem. Förutom att Carin är en väldigt empatiskt och varm person är hon dessutom väldigt rolig, vilket gör att jag med glädje ser fram emot varje session med henne. 

Carins kunskap i kombination med sitt sätt att vara, har gett mig en större förståelse och empati för mig själv och för andra. Jag vill varmt rekommendera Carin till alla som är redo att förändra sitt liv till det bättre.

Anna, Stockholm

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A phoenix rising up from the aches, being rebirthed, and looking forward to a wonderful new life ahead of me. This is how I feel after my Soul Integration facilitation sessions with Carin.
She is multi-talented and very gifted with powerful psychic abilities.
I love the intellectual approach that Carin brings to her work and very much enjoy learning something new from her every time we meet. Her channeled information is always amazingly accurate as are her intuitive gifts and astrology readings. Her timing when bringing this information to me is always spot on.
Carin has an extraordinary spiritual take on astrology which is really like no other and absolutely fascinating. I am very much enjoying being gently guided in the direction of growth and expansion.

Much Love, Ela Psink