A few days ago, we left Pisces behind us. In the zodiac, Pisces is the final sign of the astrological year. In many of the conversations I have had lately, people have shared how their personal history has been re-activated and how people from their past have been showing up, seemingly out of the blue. Some have had to work through pieces of emotional luggage again and others have suddenly perceived their own thought patterns with an extraordinary clarity.

Now we have, on an energetic level,  left all that behind, and taken a step over the threshold into Aries, and we begin a new journey around the zodic.

Aries comes with a very different energy and maybe you have felt that shift in your own life.

190327 Aries


Aries is a fire sign, that carries a lot of freshness, will power and longing for forward motion. Personally, I have felt creative on the brink of delicious overwhelm, and I have been flooded with wonderful ideas for new projects and possibilities. This trailblazing energy and deep urge for movement and expansion, has also made me very aware of that which is blocking my ideas from taking form. A source of great frustration, I must admit, when all I really want to do, is to take a dive straight into the work.

190327 Stop

For those of you who are familiar with astrology, the fact that Mercury has been retrograde, adds on to this need for awareness of details and clarity of what is blocking. The message is – there are no shortcuts available, the adjustments and the work need to be done.

If you feel a bit stuck in certain areas in your life and want to help your new projects in their trajectory, I want to give you a little reminder to take a look at your home.

I am sure most of you have heard about Feng Shui, and how we can calibrate the energy flow in our homes to be as healthy, helpful and harmonious as possible. Here you see the Chinese caracthers for Feng Shui, which means “Wind Water” (and I appologize beforehand for possible “spelling mistakes”).

190327 Feng ShuiI think that we all have an innate and intuitive ability to sense that flow of energy. Even if we may not be able to put our finger on why, we definitely know if something feels “off”. To become a skilled Feng Shui-master takes a lifetime, but even as complete beginner, the basics can be a great tool for understanding and awareness. Why does the energy feel off or uncomfortable? How does it feel when the energy has been shifted and changed?

So if you have a sense of being stuck, blocked or just want to speed things up – I invite you to take a look at your home. Instead of going hardcore about where to put your mirrors or if your abundance-toad is facing the right direction –  just go on a junk and clutter-hunt! Where do you have your piles, your stuff, your messes?

Make a simple drawing of your home and mark where a lot of stuff has accumulated. Where are your belongings disorganised? Where are “the bus stops” for things waiting to be taken care of.

What you see below is called a bagua, and this energetic plan belongs to the eastern esoteric traditions. If we apply this theory on our homes (and let it undergo a brutal simplification) you could say that your home is a representation of you, and vice versa.

Whether you live alone, or together with others, your home is a picture of you and your family members combined energy. The matter that piles up in different corners both shows where you are “cluttered in your body and mind, but also where your body and mind will get cluttered by how your possessions are organised in your home. Bluntly put – where you trip over because of junk in your home, you tend to trip over in your life-experience.

190327 Bagua

Place this plan on top of the drawing you just made of your home – and see if you get any insights or epiphanies 🙂

Around this time two years ago, I had the same drive to write a blog post about tidying our homes. Back then I wrote about Marie Kondo and her books about living a joyful and clutter-free life. Since then, she has even started her own show at Netflix, and her “tidyomania” has spread around the world – so I am aware that I am probably preaching to the choir. Maybe this repetition can be of help, just as a reminder.

What I didn’t think about it at the time, was how it probably is this Aries energy that pushes us forward and gives us the nudges to start a spring cleaning. It is Aries we should thank for our inner drive to sort things out.

This Feng Shui business can become addictive, I must be honest about that.

190327 Mr Shui

My best friend was almost obsessed with Feng Shui a number of years ago. Her addiction became so sever that her husband started to complain about it. He said he was jealous of this mysterious Mr Shui, whose opionion was always the most important! 😉 (Sorry Sweetie, for telling on you!)

I wish you a successful clutter hunt!



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