Time to think about what you think about…

An extraordinary window was just opened to us. We are entering a time of wonderful expansion.

Those of you who have a little bit (or a lot) of knowledge about astrology might be aware of Jupiter just entering his own sign, Sagittarius, a place where this giant planet feels the most at home and comfortable.

Jupiter is expansion in all forms, so right now we have an opportunity to see the results of our efforts sooner than we normally are used to, or in a grander way. Whether you are interested in astrology or not, now is a good time to focus on “the right things” in your life. It can be an interesting experiment, right?

What you think about will expand and develop quicker and with greater ease. To be conscious of what thoughts you choose to fill your mind with, that is the first step in the beautiful process of creating.

Lots of love,

Carin181113 Jupiter

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