Full speed forward, Bert!!!

Hi there,

If you have followed me for the last month or so, and felt compelled to take a closer look at how you think, you might have discovered a few things about yourself and your thought patterns. Maybe you have stumbled on parts of yourself that you didn’t even know about before.

In this week’s blog post I would like to invite you to investigate the momentum in your life.

If you are like me, you have a number of changes you would like to see in yourself and in your life. Some things you would like to be gone, some things you would like to be altered and some things you would like to show up in your experience. By “things”, I mean “everything” – it  can be physical matter, emotions connected to yourself or others (relationships), thoughts (solutions, ideas, creativity) or even spiritual things as insights, intuition and “extraordinary” abilities. Our needs, goals, dreams and longings are unique and they are our own, very personal vision of what a “perfect life” would look like. No one else searches for the exact same things as you do, right now. Even your image of a “perfect life” changes, and what you considered being perfect yesterday will be slightly different tomorrow.

190416 the list

Some of the items on our wishing lists are there for a wink, others stay for a lifetime. In my own experience I have seen that my longterm needs and deepest longings, tend to require the most change and growth from me – and because of this fact brings on the most discomfort. As some kind of compensation or “carrot on a stick” to keep me going, they also create the brightest sparkles of joy, when I think about them. Probably that is my subconscious teasing me to continue pursuing them, even if that means a combination of struggle and even fear, at times.

190416 the gate

A lot of the progress goes on, behind the scene, outside our awareness. So we need to be attentive of the hints that shows up in our lives.

Looking back at the time-frame, my progress and my level of persistence connected to some of the most elusive creations I have wished to see in my life, I notice that I sometimes have made great leaps towards manifesting them. Sometimes I have felt very stuck, and despite all my efforts I have not been able to move my project a millimeter forward. At times I have, horrified, felt like I have moved even further away from what I long for the most in my life, and found myself incapable of changing the direction.

When trying to understand this, I have become more and more aware about how I think and what I feel about me, my possibilities, the people I am surrounded by… well, my entire life. I have realised that the root to many of these thoughts, emotions and beliefs are unconscious and for that reason trickier to access at will (even if there are many different techniques that are useful to get to the bottom of it, if I want to). Though there is a lot to work with, just by observing on what is accessible on a conscious level, if I only give myself the time and space to investigate it. By shining my flash-light of focus on the conscious self, some of my unconsciousness get lit up too – just by accident.

Where we focus our attention – the creative energy follows. (For those of you, familiar with the quantum field and its mechanisms, this is where the universe, the law of attraction, God, Source or what ever you prefer to call it, conspires with us.) The flavor of our beliefs follows our focus and colours the outcome of our efforts and our creative energy.

190416 at the coffee machine

It is an extraordinary set-up, this system of instant feedback, because if we manage to stay present in this process, every thought, emotion and action is rewarded, in a way. We might not like the way the reward is presented, but we still can get valuable information about our progress out of it.

Even when  we move away from the very thing we would like to experience – a part of our unconscious self can be revealed and seen. It is not always easy to be so detached, that our failure can been considered a reward, but that almost shocking insight sometimes comes, when we look at certain periods in our lives, in hindsight.

When we feel stuck – it is as if time slows down. We are forced to stay in the present and to take a close look at where we are, what we feel and think, and what we surround ourselves with. The stuckness can be like a laboratory, where we can measure and evaluate every shift we make and what the shift leads to.

When we make a leap forward (or even if we approach that which we would like to manifest with baby-steps), signs of flow show up in our reality that we are approaching that which we desire. Then we know that we have harnessed the creativity and we are on the right way.

190416 full speed

I guess this is one aspect of what all the sages, the poets and the wise women and men throughout history, have tried to tell us and continually try to make us see. It is not the arrival, but the journey that is the most important – because the journey is pure learning to master the process of creation. The arrival is, in a way, only the receipt that we have fully understood the curriculum.

As you know, when you have ticked one box on that list of yours, when you have overcome the obstacle, sighed of relief, finished your project, celebrated the success – something new shows up inside of you.

I really want to sort this out…  Wouldn’t that be fun…? Oh, so lovely it would be….! What if…? Wonder if I could…?

So, a few questions to you, if you find this exiting. What signs are showing up in your reality? Are you moving backwards, do you stand still, or do you see progress in the creation of your perfect life?

Have a beautiful week, friends!




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