Happy New Year!

We are wrapping up 2020, and I think many of us feel a sense of relief that this year soon will be over and there is a longing to start with something fresh.

At the same time, what a transformative year we are putting behind us! We have all navigated through the external pressure in the best way we could, so don’t forget to give yourselves a pat on the back for the effort. It has been challenging.

For quite a while I’ve been mulling over what single word would best capture the year 2020. To my surprise it was not virus, not pandemic, lockdown and not even covid-19 which held the most intensive energy to me. Nor would I choose election, politics or conspiracy theory. The word I ended up with was…


We have all been triggered emotionally in a way that most of us have never experienced before. The world has undergone chaos and upheaval many times during its long and rich history (there have been wars, some lasting for centuries, plagues, famines, natural disasters etc.) but with the help of the extraordinary technology we now have within arm’s reach, we can react or respond emotionally to everything that happens anywhere, anytime on the entire globe.

That is a lot of emotion to process, if we do not find a way to limit or balance the intake!

Yet, something really beautiful can come with these emotional waves that have been crashing over us throughout 2020… a new awareness. We have the potential to see our world more clearly and also see where we may be holding on to beliefs that limit us. Pressure has been so intense that we have not been able to rely on our usual ways to distract ourselves or navigate around the (uncomfortable) emotions we experience.

While life has “cornered us” during this past year, an enormous amount of emotional work has been done because we had no other option than diving straight into it. But some of these emotional triggers we have been dealing with are difficult to overcome or soothe all by ourselves.

Many clients and friends I have been talking to, have shared similar discoveries. This year has made them realise that they have been holding on to core beliefs about themselves that are completely unrealistic, and sometimes even silly, when viewed from an intellectual angle. However silly these beliefs seem to the rational mind; they can hold our emotions and our physical body in an iron grip.

If you have found stubborn and limiting beliefs in your mind, that seem impossible to reason with, you might like what I have to offer now.

A star sprinkled offer

If you want, we can start 2021 together, working on one of those big pieces that you have realised is holding you back from being or doing what you would really want. We will be helped along by this fresh and new energy that 2021 brings.

For those of you who are already familiar with my work, you know that we can schedule single sessions, but I also offer series of consultations. If you have decided to get to the bottom of one of these limiting beliefs about yourself, that has been challenging you for a long time, more time may be needed. More than one session might be needed to understand and resolve the matter.

If you book a set of sessions before January 31 2021, I have decided to sprinkle stardust over your purchase. To be able to fully benefit from this you have to know when and where you were born.

Option 1

If you choose to invest in a 3-session package, we will begin by scheduling a complementary hour when we look at your birth chart (in astrology it is also called Radix).

If Happy was born January 1, 2021 in Malmö, this is what her birth chart would look like 🙂

Option 2

If you choose to book a 6-session package, the complementary hour looking at your birth chart is included, and I also add an extra consultation session as well .

If you feel a nudge of inspiration or a push to contact me, you are most welcome! On my website you will find my contact information.

To release limiting beliefs and grow self-confidence is hard work, but the expansion we experience when these limitations are torn down is so miraculous, rewarding and utterly liberating that it is worth every effort. It is as if life itself becomes grander, when we expand beyond the lovelessness we have directed towards ourselves (sometimes through projecting it on others).

I will hold your hand and assist you to the best of my abilities, should you choose me as your companion in this work.

There are many things I would love to share with you now, but I will save them for 2021. Instead, I wish you a wonderful new year’s eve. Stay safe, care for yourself and your loved ones.

May 2021 be a year filled with peace and joy, with many steps taken towards our dreams and goals. And wouldn’t it be sweet to meet up and hug those who are dear to us again? That is the intention I set for all of us! I will let some musical magic accompany this intention. Enjoy Into The Unknown from Disney’s movie Frozen 2.

Happy New Year!

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