3: I Draw The Line Here, Capisce!?!

Hi guys,

I hope you have had a nice week. There has been a lot going on, to say the least, since I pressed the PUBLISH-button for last week’s post.

The events around us has inspired me to share an observation that I have been wondering about for several years now. At first, I thought it was just the usual struggle between the powerful and the powerless – a friction that has been present as long as there has been human interaction, I guess. But as a low rumble in the background, this energy has been growing and expanding into something that feels different.

The reclaiming of our personal power. 

The personal power is not so easy to reclaim once it has been given up.

On the public scene

This tug of war is present on every level. We have seen it very clearly on the public scene the last few weeks. One example is of course the clashing forces in the United States. The dramatic events leading up to the inauguration of Mr Biden as new president. Through all the means of information that are available to us now, we are able to follow step by step, the measures taken by people on each end of the rope. The US is only one of many arenas where this struggle can be followed closely, The Netherlands is another very recent example. It is no longer the victorious who decide what is true, as it has been if we look back in history.

To find the truth is up to us

Though, we have to put personal effort into gaining an objective perspective. If we allow the logarithms to choose for us, we risk ending up in the antique tales about winners and losers again, where the winners wrote history and chose what was true. To take responsibility for finding the truth is also a part of our personal power being given back to us.

Have you also noticed that something is slightly different? That there is a new “vibe” in the dramas on the public scene – both in reality and in fiction. Art in all its shapes and forms, is a reliable barometer of shifts and changes in the environment. I see the presence of taking back one’s personal power in fiction stories everywhere, stories told in movies, books, TV-series etc. both for children and adults.

In our everyday life

The same kind of struggle of reclaiming one’s personal power is taking place on a broader front within our relationships – whether that is at the workplace, in romantic relationships or in the dynamic between friends or with acquaintances.

I have noticed how the tone has shifted over time, in the conversations I have with my clients. When I started my practice, most people wanted to find strategies how to cope, bargain and adapt to the people around them. Now the focus lies more on creating a platform where one can stand free and strong. The things my clients want to talk about are how to be their authentic self and how to grow into the person they wish to become.

It seems to start with a subtle questioning within:

– Is this really how things should be?

Suddenly it doesn’t feel ok to be treated like this (whatever “this “is) anymore.  Seemingly without warning a person’s limit is reached and out of the blue they react differently to a common situation (often they surprise themselves as much as the environment). The timidest among people suddenly roars. Yes-man refuses to cooperate from one day to another. The employee of the month suddenly quits without even caring if someone will take over the job.

When enough is enough…

What I hear in these stories is a new sense of determination – and greater love for the self – that wasn’t present before.

The outside mirroring the inside

What seems like a sudden and shocking shift in someone’s behaviour can be the result of changes that has been underway for a long time and finally are made manifest. Our interactions with the environment and the dynamics in our relationships can function as a display of what is happening within our own being. Our own power struggles with ourselves show up outside of us – the love for and the lack of love for ourselves.

This might be a good place to stop reading for a moment and give yourself time to think about your own life. Do you recognise what I am talking about? Have you reached a point where enough is enough in some of your relationships, private or professional? Or have you noticed this heightened reactivity in the people surrounding you?

A question from a client

I will share a piece of a channelled text in this blogpost as well. It is the answer to a question asked by a client recently:

How do I handle a co-worker who refuses to respect personal boundaries, who is creating intrigues and suspicion at the workplace and seems to lack in their ability to feel empathy.

How do I handle a co-worker who refuses to respect personal boundaries, who creates intrigues and upheavel at the workplace and seems to lack in the ability to feel epathy?

My client wanted to know why this kind of people show up in her life, time after time. From the stories my client shared, this co-worker would probably be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, or something similar, if they were to be evaluated.

The answer

The world is balancing the power between those who have empowered themselves on behalf of others, and those who, for the sake of comfort or for the sake of survival have given away their power. Alternatively, the power over their own life and their own choices has been taken from them through family patterns, traditions or cultural values in Society.

This balancing process, which aim is to make each and every one strong and steady, free within themselves, is continuous. As new souls are being born to the earthly plane, the dynamic changes, and as old souls leave, the dynamic changes.

This confrontation on the outside of (the client), with those who do not have the ability to feel empathy, serves as a reflexion of an inner inability to feel empathy with the self in all parts of life.

Step by step, as the frequency of unconditional love for the self raises within, the encounters with these individuals, who are unable to feel empathy, becomes fewer and fewer. This happens as the rays of frequencies in the energetic field no longer correspond to the energetic spectrum where the frequency of empathy is lacking.

This work takes place on the inner planes within each and every one, and its goal is the ability to love every part of the self unconditionally. The ability to look upon the self with soft and mild eyes. To see one’s mistakes as being mistakes, not as a confirmation of one’s worthlessness. It is a process that requires strength, courage and devotion.

Therefore, bless every encounter with those who lacks empathy for themselves and the world, as every encounter is a dose of medicine to grow a stronger love for the self.

This message was for the client personally and that particular situation, but I hope it will be useful to you as well. When I feel into these words and sense that they mean to me – I think about the difficult situations that we draw unto us at times, to become aware of where we need to repair our boundaries, fortify our own integrity and protect ourselves with the self-love that keeps us safe.

Be clear and steady

As we draw a clear line between what behaviour we tolerate, and what lies beyond our acceptance, we do that as an act of love, respect and protection for ourselves. Little by little we grow that love and self-respect each time we stay firmly on our own side.

I draw the line here, capisce!?!

For those who have difficulties respecting the integrity and boundaries of others, they will also learn from the line we draw. If their willingness to change is limited, the learning might only be that overstepping your boundaries make them “uncomfortable”– but even that is good learning.  ´

If you have to deal with a person who suffer from a clinical empathy disorder, there seems to be little hope of a cure. The ability to feel empathy is, according to what I have understood, difficult to learn, since there are very few natural incentives to restrict the self and decide to dig deep within to find the origin of this imbalance. It has to be a conscious choice.

If you are struggling with people in your life who suffer from clinical empathy disorders, you can learn to recognise them and limit the effect of their behaviours in your life. You can learn to recognise their way of empowering themselves through others, so you avoid getting entangled in their webs. AND – this is the most important thing – find what it is inside of you that is susceptible to their personality and then heal that part.
To have this knowledge also counts as a dose of medicine to grow a stronger love for the self.

A glance into the crystal ball

Finally, here comes my prediction for the future! Please, feel free to hold me accountable for it later on 😊. For almost a year people in general have been spending more time in their own company than ever before in their lives. The level of challenge this has created is very individual – some have loved it, others hated all this ME-time. Whatever group we belong to, this experience has changed us. When it is time to take a step closer to each other again (and when the honeymoon-phase is over) I think we will question some of the relationships that we took for granted before. The personal power that has been reclaimed by each one of us, will result in firmer personal boundaries, a greater love for self and a clearer NO to that which feels unacceptable. It might be a bit messy for a while, but I think the result will feel nice, since we will have a stronger sense of who we are.  

I hope this post will inspire you to follow some new brain windings and lead you forward.

See you in a week or so! I think next post will contain vampires… 🙂

Much love,


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