Gathering in solitude January 13, 9 pm (CET)

Hi there,

I hope you are doing well and that the new year has started in a good way. Today I will just send you a few lines to tell you about my last minute-event.

Do you want to tag along?

I will hold a free meditation tomorrow, January 13. By tuning in to the vibration, we can take advantage of the energies of the New Moon. This time of the lunar cycle is great for setting intentions and planting seeds of creation.
Those of you who have followed me for a while, have heard about these events I call Gathering in Solitude. Many of you have also participated. Even if we are spread out, sometimes on different continents even, there is an interesting feeling of connection.

It is really simple to participate. You do not need to log in anywhere or connect to any kind of devise. You only have to keep track of time. At 9 pm Central European Time , you just sit down where your are (preferably a nice and comfortable place) and turn your focus inwards.

There are a few things to think of, and click here for more information if you feel that little nudge of inspiration. It is important for me to know that you want to participate, otherwise the energy will not include you.

In the beginning of the pandemic, from the March to the end of August, I held Gathering in Solitude every Sunday night. Most of the partcipants came back week after week. It was a remarkable experience, because the weeks built on each other. Step by step things shifted in our energy fields. Even if tomorrow is not part of a series of meditation, the work will be done from where you are in this moment.

As always, I add a piece of music I like into the blogpost, and I hope it will joy to you too. I am linking this one to the interesting phenomena that we see in the sky right now.

Sprinkled stardust until January 31

I just want to remind you that my stardust-sprinked offer is valide until January 31. Click here and read more if you are interested.

Have a lovely day,


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