Rates and packages


I offer different ways of working together. If you just want to test how energetic adjustments can assist you, you can book a single session. Many of my clients choose to start with a period of intense work, during which we meet on a regular basis. Then, I hear from them once or maybe twice a year when they feel the need for a little push in their self-discovery. If you want to go a little bit deeper, a series of sessions can be helpful.

A 20-minute free consultation

If you have never worked with me before, you can book a free introductory conversation, before you decide if I am a person for you.
To all potential clients who have found their way to me, I offer a 20-minute consultation. If you have questions about the way I work or if you wonder about other things connected to the process, this will straighten things for you before you commit to working with me. It will save time for both of us.
These free 20-minute conversations are not on the calendar. Instead, send an email at carin.eklund@magicmittens.com and we will figure out a time that works for both of us.

All sessions – the same price

If you decide to go for a package, you can choose how to mix the different sessions I offer as you please. I just need to know in advance what you would like us to do with the time we have together. The astrological readings, in particular, require a bit of preparation on my part.

A single session           1.300 SEK

A package of 3 sessions                                                     3.450 SEK

A package of 6 sessions                                                     6.500 SEK

A package of 12 sessions                                                   11.400 SEK

The prices above will be valid till June 30, 2024.
The new rate for single sessions and packages is presented in the box below. I wanted to let you know a bit in advance, so you can choose to purchase a package at a lower price if you know you want to work more intensely in the near future.

Three different ways to work

A channelled text and balancing your energy field

(Approx. 1h + 1h)
This type of session consists of two parts. The first hour is energetic, where stagnations and unevenness are “smoothed out” in your energetic body. I tone into your energetic field, and most of the time, I receive a message about the current situation. The text often talks about the challenges (or should we call them growth opportunities?) and openings you work with at the moment. This part is done the hour before we speak over the phone or on a net-based platform. Currently, I use Zoom.

A message

Then, an hour of conversation follows. It is a coaching session where you and I discuss what the healing brought up; we talk about the text and what you want to address. This sounds very serious, but it is more of a conversation with you in focus.

Energy work and channelled texts can release many blockages, so it is good to have at least 4-5 weeks between the sessions. Through our session, a healing process has begun and will continue for a few weeks until you have landed in your “new normal.” What has been brought up to the surface needs tending, so allowing yourself a bit more “thinking time” between the sessions than you usually give yourself is very valuable.

Soul Integration facilitation

(Approx. 1,5h)
I am a Soul Integration Facilitator (certified by the Theo Group Inc. to use the Soul Integration™ process).
This is a fantastic method for changing our belief system about ourselves and our place in the world.
In many ways, this process resembles Inner child work in Psychology or Soul Retrieval in the shamanic traditions, but it has its own very unique flavour by travelling beyond the dimensions. I have used this process for a number of years with amazing results. I have witnessed clients overcome the most stubborn thoughts about who they are, what they can do, and who they can become. The shifts in their everyday life is extraordinary.
For some, there is a need to go beyond this lifetime. The trauma and the moment the belief was anchored in our consciousness are not from this life.

As a child, I had many frightening experiences and suffered from nightmares that I much later understood had to do with experiences in a distant past. I know firsthand how paralyzing these beliefs and fears can be, as well as how elusive the reason behind certain very strong reactions is.

An astrological reading

(Approx. 1,5h)
Taking a look at your birth chart can be very helpful if you feel stuck or have trouble putting your finger on what is going on in your life (not seeing the forest for all the trees…). It can also be useful if you intend to work through stubborn limiting beliefs and pursue that lifelong dream that seems to elude you every time you try to make it come true. It can give you a different perspective on “what you are up against” and where you are avoiding stepping into your own light.

A treasure hunt

The birth chart is like a snapshot of your energetic makeup and can, as I said, reveal many things about what you came here to solve. The Radix (another word for birth chart) also tells us about the gifts and abilities you came to share with the rest of us. So, we’ll go on a treasure hunt together that can assist you in becoming more aware of who you are.

These are the three modalities I use the most in my sessions, but I have many other tools in my toolbox, which I add when they seem appropriate.