Online classes for the Brave & Curious

From Leo to Scorpio 2024

In July, I start an online course for the “Brave & Curious”!
The aim of the course is to “go with the flow” more deliberately. We will use channelled material and astrology as tools. This course is all about experiencing the energetic undercurrents in our environment. We will learn how to recognize the energy waves and allow them to carry us forward. To do that, we need to trust our senses and know what to look for.

As we understand the energies surrounding us and how they affect us personally, we can use them in a more conscious way. By using channelled material and being aware of the planetary alignments and shifts, we will go with the flow towards our dreams and goals with greater ease and confidence.

You do not need any prior knowledge of astrology to be part of this adventure.
Even if a birth chart can seem intimidating at first, filled as it is with strange symbols and lines back and forth, the chart will slowly come to life as you experience what these different parts “feel like”.

What is included in this course – the short version

And the longer version, starting with our sessions

We will have our four sessions on Mondays 8.30 – 11 pm (Swedish time), with a 10-minute bio-break in the middle on the following dates:

For Leo – July 22, 2024
For Virgo – August 26, 2024
For Libra – September 23, 2024
For Scorpio – October 28, 2024

Each time, we will look at one or a few astrological topics relevant to the month ahead of us. There will be time to go through everyone’s birth chart to see how this might be expressed.
On the same day as our session, I will channel a message for the group for the upcoming month. What I have learned over the years is that these messages have an energetic component, which is balancing the energy field.

A private session with me

One private session with me is included in the price. You choose which modality would benefit you the most among the different types of sessions I offer. There might be something you discover within that you would like to examine a little bit closer. Perhaps an area in your life feels “clogged” and you do not know how to move forward, or you struggle with fear holding you back. There are wonderful tools we can use to gain clarity.

The included session needs to be booked and used within the time frame of the course.

To keep the momentum in between the sessions

You will be invited to The Brave & Curious Facebook group.
Weekly, you will receive a message about astrology or something else relevant to the month. It can be about planetary alignments coming up, dilemmas that might need a bit of pondering, or something else related to personal growth and self-discovery.

The Brave & Curious is the name I have given to those of us who just cannot help ourselves from stepping outside of what is generally accepted as our reality. It requires courage to go beyond our safe and familiar comfort zone, hence the Brave. And the Curiousity is that lovely pull towards learning, understanding and figuring out what we do not know. If we allow that curiousity to flourish, we and our lives will continue to expand and grow.

You will also be invited to a WhatsApp group with the members of your group. This will be the space where you can interact on a more personal level.

Other things that are good to know…

  • The group will consist of 5-6 people, so there will be enough time to look at everyone’s chart. That is a wonderful way of understanding how astrological aspects can be expressed in many different ways.
  • The gatherings will be in English (do not worry if English is not your mother tongue, it is not mine either).
  • The members of the group will decide together if we should record the sessions or not. It is very important that everyone feels comfortable and safe.
  • There will not be any “traditional homework” in between the sessions, but keeping a journal will be very helpful for your understanding. Our thoughts are extraordinarily quick, and our capacity to see patterns and arrive at conclusions is brilliant – but as our mind grabs hold of the next shiny piece of information, we forget most of it. Taking notes and having a diary to save our findings makes it easier to see the progression and development. This will deepen the understanding in a wonderful way.

Interested? – Q&A on Zoom, July 7, at 8 pm (CET)

If this sounds interesting and inspiring and you would like to know more, let me know, and I will send you the link to the Q&A session on Zoom.

I will share in more detail what we are going to do, and if you have any questions, this will be a good opportunity to ask them.
There will also be a channelled message for those who attend the Q&A (that is why I need to know if you want to participate in advance, so the energetic massage will include you, too).