A bit of lovin… Part 4

Hi guys, 

Today we have a few experiments on the agenda. I also hope to shed some light on how energy healing works, and then it is time to wrap up this little mini-series about love.

So, let’s get back to where we left off last time. Our definition of love is very individual, and it depends on our personal experiences of love. Our beliefs are shaped by our interaction with the world, from early childhood until the present moment. The conclusions (conscious and unconscious) we have drawn from these interactions also dictate our definition of love.

For a long time, I thought love was a feeling. A feeling that was created as a reaction to someone or something. I used to sense love as a warm and expansive connection building up between me and the person, being, or object I cared for. 

Is the love that we feel a reaction triggered by our thoughts?

Through my inner work, I started to realize how many hang-ups I had around love. As a mental construct, I had built a system of “Shoulds” and “Musts” around Love – how to express it, when to express it, as well as who and what should create a loving response in me. We are conditioned a certain way through our upbringing and what set of rules we have picked up our own, along the way of life.

If you give this a little bit of thought, you might notice that you do the same. Is your love – both the one you want to share and the one you hope to receive – condition-based and connected to rules? To tickle and inspire you to reflect, here are a few areas where we tend to set up rules for love. 

Automatic response  

Certain beings should melt our hearts every time we encounter them. Children, kittens and all vulnerable creatures (both human and non human) should, at all times, evoke a compulsory warmth in our chest area. If they don’t, something is fundamentally wrong with us. 

Adorable…not so much

Expected love

Love and loyalty seem to go hand in hand for many. It can be expectations to feel love and commitment for our families and “tribes” (even if someone with a more objective view would suggest us to run away as fast as our legs can carry us). It can be the devotion to a spiritual faith or a religion. It can take on the shape of dedication to a political system or an ideology. Our loyalty can be expressed as surrendering to the will of authorities, peers, friends etc. 

Lack of loyalty, dedication, commitment, or reverence can create guilt within us, as well as it can make us seem suspicious in the eyes of others.  

Pretty filters

La vie en rose…

Sometimes we force our loving feelings to go through a process of censorship, to make them acceptable. This is an interesting maze to enter, if you are up for some serious self-discovery. We often suppress our intuitive knowing and our true feelings by controlling our emotional responses. What would be found entangled in our love, if we allowed ourselves to see everything fully and without filters? 

Would love be mixed with the forbidden emotions, uncompatible with love? Just a few options – jealousy, anger, disappointment, boredom, a sense of completion? Terrifying stuff…

Another example of when we are supposed to feel love in a certain way, it’s when we are head over heels in love. Many have exerienced this state when we “should” be feeling happy, light, and joyous – instead it is total agony. We travel with the speed of light from heaven to hell and back again, in five minutes stints, and we wonder if we have gone slightly insane… (And still, most of us would go there again, without a second of hesitation! ) 

There are risks connected to letting go of the restraints and allowing the unacknowledged feelings to surface. We risk losing our precious control, and it might bring on change. It can also lead to various confrontations and maybe even conflicts. 

The few examples I have given you above are situations when we restrict our love from flowing freely. We add to or subtract “thought forms” to our truth to make it more acceptable. Perhaps we add these “lies” (most are unconscious) to be able to see ourselves as worthy or lovable in our own eyes, as well as adjusting to the norms. 

Not a feeling but a frequency

When my understanding of love had matured from the “kitten level”, I realized that love is a frequency rather than an emotional response. (The same is true for all other emotions and feelings, of course). 

Feelings and frequencies are abstract concepts, and I am sorry if it sounds like I am splitting hairs now. I will try to explain what I mean by inviting you to do an experiment with me. Just follow the instructions here below:

Time to feeeeeeel

  • Think about someone you really dislike, whose very existence trots on your nerve-endings. When you have this person in mind eye, move your awareness into your body. You can place your focus somewhere in your chest area and notice how your body reacts. Is something shifting within? When you have taken note on the changes, stand up and shake your arms a little bit, to let go of the sensations. This will help you reset the system.
  • Now, let’s do the opposite. Think about someone you really love. Someone who brings a smile to your face whenever you think about them. Move your awareness to the same place inside your body and notice what it feels like. And then shake, shake, shake…
  • Just for the fun of it, let’s do a third experiment. This time, think about yourself. Then move your awareness to the same spot as before. How does your body react when you place yourself on the petri dish? You have two reference points you can use to make the comparison. 

If your body behaves the same way as mine, the first two results should be rather different. Person one, whom you hardly can tolerate, makes your body contract or makes you feel heavy. Person two, whom you love, gives you a sense of lightness and expansion. What you sense when thinking about yourself will probably land somewhere in the middle (and I do hope it is closer to the loving end of the scale).

The frequency of love has a very high vibration compared to other emotional responses. Therefore it can assist us in releasing blockages and stagnations that vibrate on a lower frequency.  (Mr Bob Marley and the Wailers agree with me in Positive Vibration)

The clearer the vibration, the more efficient the cleansing can be. Before we release the adjusted and censored “lies”, our love’s frequency will vibrate on a lower level. If we allow rules and restrictions to limit our truth, we are also limiting our growth, and at the same time, our ability to manifest the life we want to live. 

This is ancient and universal knowledge and the reason why every system of faith and spiritual tradition has principles of love and truth incorporated in their mysticism. The obsessive focus on love and truth has nothing to do with sweetness and niceness. It’s this powerful potential and the extraordinary ability to release the untrue to increase the flow of life force, that are harnessed through various practices and prayer systems. 

There is a crux, though – we are the ones in charge. If we want love to assist in the releasing of stuck energy – we have to allow it. It is our free will in action.

To understand how this works – I’ll give you another example. Let’s say that something sad has happened to you. Your heart is heavy with grief, but you manage to stay composed throughout your day – until someone asks you how you are doing and really mean it. Their kindness and genuine care (=LOVE) for you might be the catalyst that makes you lose control. The emotional pain can be released, and there is a feeling of relief that follows. This is how love works its everyday magic. 

Maybe it is not the best thing for your professional persona to burst into tears at the watercooler (a pre-covid example illustrates things better – in a zoom session, you can blame the internet connection and turn off your camera). To allow your true feelings out is a gift for your body and energetic system. You release the pent-up emotions you were holding on to, which makes you function better on all levels. And don’t you agree, there is a sense of relief in the body after a good cry!

At the watercooler

Energy healing works according to these principles. Please forgive me for delivering another oversimplification of a complex and beautiful process. 

Here is the short version: an experienced healer can raise the frequency to a higher vibration than the client’s energetic field. The client (some call them healee) can either allow or refuse to accept this higher frequency to disperse the stagnant energies. So, you can keep your blockages if you like 🙂

We are in charge.

How successful a healing session is, depends on the frequency held by the healer – and the client’s willingness to let go of the energetic blockages. The willingness is often connected to our subconscious mind, so there is no point in berating oneself for resisting the energetic shift to occur – just keep working through the stuff that comes up.

Everyone and everything you love gets a bit of healing

In my own experience, the power of unconditional love is the most potent remedy we have access to in our reality. It is the source of miracles. But to benefit from it – we have to accept ourselves as worthy of love without restrictions and limitations. We have to accept ourselves as we are – bearers of light and darkness. 

While I was writing this material, it struck me how our behavior is both upside-down and backwards. When we try to embellish and adjust our feelings for acceptance’s sake or to pretend we are nicer and kinder than we are, we add blockages and stagnations into our bodies. So our energetic frequency drops.

On the other hand – if we admit and own who we are and accept both the bright and shiny feelings as well as the “rubbish” – our energy frequency actually vibrates on a higher level. (By the way, there is no rubbish, only parts we have yet to love within ourselves). Let’s stop here today.

Before I let you go, I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to me. It makes me so happy to hear that my words have touched your heart or inspired you to introspection.

One blog post became four – and I have still only scratched on the surface of this topic!!! So, I can only say TO BE CONTINUED – but first you’ll get a little break 🙂

Take care, and see you soon again!


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