Happy Easter Plan B

In a few days it is time to celebrate Easter. Many have their special traditions for this holiday; some spend these days in worship, for others it is about spending time with family and friends and for yet other it is the time of year to travel the world. Very few of these things are possible to do in the same way as we are used to.

200408 Blåkulla

The tricky thing is to not get stuck in what is impossible to do. If we calculate all the things that didn’t go as planned, for most of us there will a long list of losses summed up to a huge deficit. If these days we have ahead of us, were just an ordinary weekend to spend at home, what would we do? Instead of starring us blind on what we cannot do, we can transform this holiday to an opportunity to do all the things we hadn’t had time to squeeze into our so busy schedule before. Depending on our mindset it could become a true gift.

For most of us, a shift of perpective could also generate wonderful ideas how achieve the same result, but in a slightly different way. My family and I, for instance, will drink afternoon tea with dear friends of ours, who live in the U.K – a cyber-tea party. It will not be exactly what we had  planned for, but the end result – chatting, laughing and celebrate with friends will be achieved.

200408 Outside the box

So instead of being sad and miserable for something we cannot do exactly the way we wished, we need think outside the box. For many activites there is a solution in another shape or form, if we give ourselves the time to find it. A little bit of brain storming could be very fruitful.

Now, more than ever, it is a time to be a “responsible grown-up” in our choices. In some countries, like Sweden, we are still allowed to spend time outside our homes, because the authorities trust our common sense and that we are listen to the recommendations how to minimize the risk of spreading this virus. In other countries the measures taken by the governements are different, but I am convinced most do what is needed to keep their people as safe as possible. There will always be those who cannot stand the very thought of being told what to do, and those who don’t really care or those who are just thoughtless. They will find ways to get what they, want independantly of laws or recommendation.  The rest of us, who can, need to think first and then act, to protect those who are vulnerable and also to spare all the people who work within the health care system.

For a number of people loneliness will be a huge and difficult challange. The elderly who had hoped for visits from friends and family. Please remember them and find a way to connect to them in a risk free way.

For some of you, this holiday will be difficult. Maybe someone you know is struggling for their life at the intensive care, without having anyone they know at their side to support them. Hold them in your heart and remember that Love travels at the speed of light, and doesn’t care one bit about geographical distance.

For many, this Easter holiday will be a time of grievance and tears, filled with the painful ache after someone whose life has ended . My deepest condolances goes to you, I am so, so sorry for your loss. If you feel overwhelmed by the sadness, please reach out to a trusted friend or family member. We have all seen extraordinary examples of kindness people have shown each other during these difficult times, I hope you will find that someone is there for you, to listen and support you in a loving way.

I continue to offer my free meditations “gathering in solitude”on Sundays, this upcoming Sunday is no exception. If you are interested to join click on this link for more information: Group Sessions

Care for yourself and make wise decisions, by doing that you will care for others as well. I wish you an inspiring and joyful Easter holiday, according to plan B.






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