Congratulations, dear sisters!

Today, we celebrate the feminine, in whatever shape and form it is channeled through us. Today, let’s be grateful for ourselves and everything we are.

The 8th of March, International Women’s Day, is a day when we risk losing ourselves in thoughts of inequality and injustice. If we aim our focus on the pain, the fear and the hindrance many women experience, this day will weaken us and become a celebration of all that which we do not want. We would celebrate the lack of support and the paralyzing grief of being undervalued, rather than the feminine. That was hardly the intention behind International Women’s Day.

So, look in the other direction! 

The 8th of March is a day when to be grateful for being a woman. Let’s own the gift, the miracle, and the incredible potential of the feminine. Praise our strength, our determination, and our steadfastness. To be a woman in the world we live in – requires more of the ingredients mentioned above to get to where we are – and that gives us tremendous persistence. These superpowers, if used right, can assist us in getting anywhere we want. 

Celebrate the feminine, the unique way each one channel this superpower!

Choose the right fan-club

I want to remind you of the fact that what others think about you is rather irrelevant. They see you through their set of filters. And those filters say more about them and their worldview than they say about you. What is essential – I would even say crucial – is what YOU think about YOU. How you see yourself and your potential will determine who you become tomorrow. 

So, choose, with care, to whom you listen. Choose those who see you for the person you truly are and those whose filters are benevolent and empowering for you.

There are so many men supporting women, and today we will be celebrated by a group of musical knights in shining armor. Make sure you listen to the live recording from Brixton academy of Wild Flowers, if this link doesn’t work on your device. Thank you for the support, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes – you are the best!

I also want to thank all the men who allow women to shine the way we are supposed to and who assist us in reclaiming our rightful space. You make such a difference!

I believe in you, and you believe in me

For many women in the world, the female reality is filled with obstacles and challenges, difficulties and dangers – but we can make a conscious decision to believe in ourselves and our ability to overcome these obstacles. We can hold the same belief for every other woman. Do not waste energy on comparing, instead use it wisely by honoring yourself and your sisters. (Ava Max in Kings and Queens). 

So, to all the queens out there, have a lovely, lovely International Women’s day. I hold you in the light of your accomplishment and freedom to be who you are. And I hope it will help you to see your beauty, you power and you capacity to love!


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