A new office!!!


Hi there, long time no see!

Lacking curtains, bookshelves and comfy chairs BUT equiped with internet access, a beautiful tea-cup and my favourite pens –  I have the pleasure to write to you from my new office/practice in Malmö!

I’ve had an incredible luck and was offered to rent an office in a massage institute. It’s only  a 5 minutes walk from the train station in Malmö. Here I can see clients both physically and over the phone, I can write and continue with my ever on-going studies ;). The only problem I’ve discovered so far is the very nice coffee shop on the other side of the street …


I have been searching for a new work-place for quite some time, without luck. For over a year I have felt an almost tangible resistance, impossible to get throught. Then suddenly something shifted. Almost without any effort from my part a pair of keys ended up in my hand, to a place that is perfect in so many ways  – what happened??! Coincidences? Bumping into the right people at the right moment? Asking the right questions? Luck?

I do not know if you have felt it too, but there has recently been a rather large energetic shift occuring. Many people I’ve talked to have had the same feeling. Much of the old has been worked through these last couple of years. Some things that used to be important, doesn’t feel that way any longer. Things, relationships, ideas, places  have been left behind. That clearing out is a necessary process to create space for the new to come in. Some of it just feels boring so we stop thinking about it, or we see it go with a sense of relief. Some of the clearing taking place can fill us with a deep sadness and melancholy when different fundamental parts of our reality change and shift for good. Or it can be a shocking experience to our system, as if the rug suddenly is being pulled from under our feet – where am I supposed to go now? In what ever way it feels to us, it is a process of letting go that we have to accept, and if being aware of it hopefully can go through in a little less wobbly way.

Then new vibes, new energy is coming into our awarness in the shape of ideas, plans, dreams, people, physical matter that correspond better to who we have become and where we want to go next. In this time of shift and change, it might be good to give yourself the opportunity to sit down and reflect on what you have left behind and what is about to enter your world. To become aware of what is really happening and what you want in your life. To prepare yourself and welcome the new.

It was lovely to connect with you all again, have a great day!



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