Can you see the light in each others eyes…



It has been difficult days lately, with upsetting news in media. My heart bleeds for all the those who have lost people they love, or live in worry while the injured fight for their lives. Pointless human suffering connected to the riots in Catalonia, the shooting in Las Vegas and tragedies everywhere else in the world. On a personal level sadness is close at heart for me as well, these days.

I have sensed how the energy around us has been building up for more than a month. I have felt vigilant, been tip-toing through my days, holding my breath – waiting for what was to come. About a week ago it suddenly felt like someone had “turned up the volume to max” energetically.  There is some kind of “quickening” going on, where everything take another step, somehow. That which has not started begins, that which has already begun move to the next level, that which has been waiting for a solution reaches its completion.

The anxiousness and the worry I felt made me ask for guidance. I would like to share the words that came through my pen. I don’t know if you have experienced the same, if so I hope the message can be of assistance to you as well.  That it might be helpful in offering an alternative way – how to view the heaviness and hardship in a more conscious way.

Can you see the light in each others eyes? Can you see the beauty in each others existence?

You are all an expression of the Divine, there to see and to enjoy and to appreciate the beauty called Life. This walk of experience, of wisdom to achieve, is something so blessed and so valuable. Instead of seeing what is flawed, see what is there of beauty, of divinity, of love.

The times you are experiencing on the planet now, all want to teach you where there is more need for appreciation, more kindness and emerald-green love. What has been hidden out of shame and out of guilt, is now to be released and to become visible for the own eye. When the lost parts of humanity now surface from within, the same thing in another will be recognised and seen with kindness and with acceptance.

You see, dear friend, what you see and then judge, criticize and ban in your sister and brother, lives in hiding within yourself. When you allow that hidden and rejected part of Self to be accepted, loved and cared for – transformation will be yours. And transformation will lead to self-love, self-worth, to gratitude for being you. For you to be the love of your life.

The peace within will transfer to the peace without, and nothing will again force you to abandon yourself when you are in the greatest need of a friend.


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