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For a long time, I have been writing so much about feelings and about the unseen, that I thought we could focus on something that we actually can see, for a change. Therefore, I will share something today, that I, personally, find fascinating. It is visible and easily accessible to most. I am also going to introduce you to a dear friend of mine.

Though, first want to ask you if you know what a fractal is?

One way of explaining it, with pictures to illustrate the phenomenon, can be found at

“Fractals are objects in which the same patterns occur again and again at different scales and sizes. In a perfect mathematical fractal, this self-similarity goes indefinitely deep: each pattern is made up of small copies of itself, and those smaller copies are made up of smaller copies again, forever….”

There are, if you followed the link, extraordinary examples of fractals to be found in nature. There is an exquisite form of harmony and an inbuilt sense of proportions permeating the natural creation.

In us, human beings, it is also possible to find that congruency between the whole (the entire being) and that which can be found in its parts, even if it is not “self-similar”. The human fractals are as intricate and as miraculous. The people who have managed to mastered their personal integrity, I guess, are those who come closest to “self-similarity”. Their actions, words, thoughts and emotions act as a single unit – these incredible ones who know how to “walk their talk”. “What you see, is what you get” kind of thing.

Even if the most of us have not fully achieved that state of harmony in our being, there are still this phenomenon of fractals to be found within us – in the parts we can see the whole.

A reflexologist, for exemple, can see and feel your essence by holding your foot in their hands. A skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine can look at your tongue or check your pulses – and then tell you about your health and what imbalances that might show up as physical challenges later.

That is why a skilled physician or an experienced psychologist, a dito osteopath, ayurvedic specialist, priest or shaman (just naming a few) probably would arrive to related conclusions, if they all had the opportunity to diagnose the same patient/client. There are many ways to examine and diagnose. By looking through their professional glasses, they can observe the totality in that part.

190917 Diagnose

These practitioners would, for sure, express their conclusions with very different words, since they all have their special outlook on a human being. If they were asked to give the patient/client advise how strengthen their wellbeing, there would probably be a general direction that they all would point in. Here as well the “medicine” would be very different, but they would aim for the same target. That said, I still would like to claim that some “fractals” (levels of examine a person) ARE cooler than others!

Have you heard about Chirology? It is the science of Palmistry.

It is rather surprising how little space this discipline has occupied, if we reflect on of how big part of our brain’s activity is connected to our hands. It is equally amazing to think about how big their role in our life are. It is a bit unfair to take them so much for granted.

190916 Hands

They are our most important tools to accomplish, more or less, everything practical in our lives. They are our connection to the world in so many ways – from the softest caress to the heaviest of lifting we are capable of. Our hands help us feel the texture and temperature of our environment.

190916 Mondscheinsonate

They are the means of creativity and art, as well as the means of violence and ugliness.  For me, my hands are the translators of frequencies as well, and a way of directing energy through healing or words. Apart from being the bridge between us and the world, these are parts of our body that we study thoroughly many times a day – either to check if they are clean, or we embellish them with jewellery and colour.

190916 Many times a day

We speak with our hands, from the small and delicate gestures to the dramatic movements, while expressing our emotions and thoughts.

We categorise and understand people by their hands – and most of us don’t reflect more about ours than that they came in a certain shape or form due to the biological lottery. But what does that shape, and form mean? The texture, the lines, softness, the strength, the flexibility?

I have a friend who has an extraordinary amount of knowledge to share in this area. After learning more about it, you risk ending up like me. Mesmerized by the hands of others, admiring and being curious about the hands of people I meet. Especially when I meet large groups of people, shaking their hands, I am in awe over the variety and richness there is.190917 Quality

So, my friend’s name is Lawrence Rook and he is a chirologist. He lives and teaches in the UK. When an email from him landed in my inbox last week, I decided to check what he has been up to since we last met. I found a wonderful lecture on YouTube that I want to share with you.

I met him on a course many years ago, in a different context than chirology, and I was thrilled when he offered to give me a reading during a break. He painted a picture of my personality through the lines and the different aspects of my hands, in a way that was so spot on that I had to laugh out loud!

190916 A map of the moment

Many, many times since then, I have returned to what he said during that conversation. His observations and advice have “come handy” many times. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

There is also something extraordinary in the way Lawrence shares the information, as you will see for yourself. It is not about positive or negative, good or bad – he shares what he sees without any judgements. His way of communicating what he sees, is focused on expansion rather than a limitation, which is a skill in its own right. As when someone really sees us, especially through the vehicle of a specific art or competence, their words have a tendency to stick (and the limiting ones, for some reason, more than the expansive ones).

190916 Rockstar

Whatever character traits are visible in the palms he has before him, whether there are obvious skills or areas in life needing strengthening and support, when used in the right way, they become valuable assets. Here Lawrence gives us an interesting introduction to what our hands can tell about us. I suggest you watch it on a bigger screen than your mobile phone, to get the most out of it. I hope you are going to enjoy it as much as I did.


You can also check his website where you can find more interesting articles about this science.

Have a nice week!


PS. If you watched Lawrence lecture – I bet you have glanced, with new interest, on those  familiar hands of yours. They deserve a little more praise, don’t they?!

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