A fantastic adventure…

“… search for that which is meaningful and know that it is always there to be found, even if the meaning sometimes is not bigger than a grain of sand.

So, search for that which is meaningful in each moment, the light and the benevolence in each moment, and the light and the benevolence in yourself. There you will find the lever that will lead you to the expansive and enriched life…”

A couple of weeks ago me and group of wonderful people reached the end of a real adventure, that has been going on for 5 months.

Every Sunday evening during this time we have sat down to meditate together, wherever we happened to be at that moment. Some of my travel companions have participated every week, some now and then. All in perfect order. We connected with each other through our presence within. Each time I also received a text, which I shared with those who were present during that particular session.   

All of this began, because I wanted to assist my friends and client in handling the corona worry. It grew into a real adventure for me personally, as well as for those whom I have talked to about it in depth about their experiences during these Sunday nights. We were supported step by step, through these weird times and supported through all the shifts and changes. Thank you, all of you who participated in this journey!

The main theme is not exactly rocket science – the most important you can do is to work on the relationship with yourself and to love yourself. How you feel for the self, sets the temperature for every other relationship in your life (not only with other human beings, but actually to everything). Your feelings for yourself also determines how you handle changed and life’s pressure. The tricky part is to really FEEL that love, rather than THINKING it (as something you should feel).

I have “invited” the Swedish artist Albin Lee Meldau to inspire us to a different kind of self-talk.  His velvety voice will assist your heart chakra.

Why not take a few minutes to think about how the love for yourself feels right here, right now…?

In the beginning of this post I shared a piece of the text from the final meditation session, that perhaps can be a reminder when everything seems meaningless and dull, or hope feels far away. Do some diggin’ and look for that grain of sand that will carry you forward.

Much love,


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