This time it is me! :)

As you might have noticed, my web address changed some time ago, to
If all happened because I finally found a real IT-fairy (equipped with an angel’s patience and a magic wand). At the moment she is building a new website for me.

As she is working on my new “cyber-home” there are things that need to be tried out, and many different parts that have to work smoothly together. To make sure that different systems co-operate, one can apparently send “dummy content” (I had never heard that word before!).

Oh no, there is a leak somewhere!!!!

Last week’s bunch of untypical and empty posts that landed in your inbox from Magic Mittens, came from a loophole that she discovered.

I hope the recent blog posts that slipped through didn’t scare you off.
There is NO need to worry that my website has been taken over by “the enemy”, and those posts will bring unwanted “bugs” into your computer system.

I cannot wait to share my new website with you all when it is ready, and I am so curious about what she is creating! 🙂

Have a lovely, lovely day!

4 thoughts on “This time it is me! :)

  1. I am to blame but I hope to be able to take the website to a new level so that it was worth this hurdle along the way ☺️ Thanks for understanding Carin.

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