New moon

A couple of hours ago, I was meditating. I wanted to check if I would sense an energetic shift in my body when our closest celestial neighbour, the moon, entered into a new phase. I did feel some kind of shift inside. I even realised that my wrist-watch is slightly out of sync , when I was comparing the time with the inner change I felt.

Maybe you will feel inspired by the text that came through in connection to this little experiment. I asked for words that would be useful for all of us.

181207 A dream-seed

The sound of healing is connected to the destruction of the walls, walls built by fear. The destruction of hindrance and secludedness within yourself. The sound of healing is a process that will wake you up from the forgetfulness, the deep sleep that made you forget who you are – the master-being, the creator, the soul who builds a life, beautiful and precious.

This is a time for each and everyone, to go deep within and find your dream, find your inspiration and find the seed to plant for the life you want to live.

Begin with one dream, one aspect of your new life, that you would like to see in your experience. Plant that seed in your heart, water it with focus and awareness. Tend to this seed everyday with love and affection, and you will soon see how tiny green leaves reaches up through the surface, stretching towards the sunlight.

By caring for this delicate plant each day, searching for signs of  growth and beauty with anticipation, you will marvel at what is developing.

Your love for this plant will reward you with deliciousness and the fruits of your labour.

181207 Daily care(2)

Have a lovely new moon-day!







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