2. Wiggling tails and words to mull over

Hi there, you lovely lot, 

In this post I have a few things to say about the meditation I held last week. I also would like to present very un-scientific but indisputable proof that a group meditation can be connective and that distance healing is real.

Thank you!

But first of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in last week’s gathering. It was such a joy to connect again. I am impressed and happy that so many of you chose to be there, even on such short notice.

I shared the channelled message we received with a friend of mine, who couldn’t attend. Even if these words were for the participants, she thought others could benefit from them as well. I have followed her advice, so you can read it in Swedish and then in English here below.

Let Jake Weasley Rogers and his I’ll stand by you accompany you when reading this message. His voice moves my heart, I hope you feel the same!
I can’t help being thrilled each time I can share my music with you through the blog – and I have a long queue of goodies waiting for you ;).

13 januari 2021 Texten från meditationen på svenska

Vad delar ni med oss denna kväll som vi alla har nytta och glädje att integrera?

Det är ett nytt kapitel, en ny fas som startar upp idag. Både i den lilla cykeln, men också i ett större perspektiv.

Denna stund så omsluts ni utav den kärlek som omsluter allt och dömer intet. Ty den kärleken är vad ni behöver för att läka, för att växa, för att frodas. Och att växa och frodas är ändå det som är livets gåva. Det som skapar tillväxt, utveckling och expansion.

Det är så svårt för människorna att acceptera sitt värde, att acceptera den skönhet som livet ändå består i. Det som giver er glädje- den sanna glädjen – är kärlek, närhet och acceptans.

Vågor av oreda har sköljt över er planet länge nu, men vet att även dessa vågor har ett syfte i att rena och med kärleksfulla vibrationer lösgöra allt det som inte vibrerar i den villkorslösa kärleken.

Så var därför öppna och mottagliga för era egna idéer, när dessa börjar söka er uppmärksamhet. Ty dessa idéer bär med sig byggstenar till det nya liv som skapas i er och igenom er.

Det är idéer och tankar som rymmer en större kärlek till självet, en större kärlek till alltet. Och även om det sagts på tusen olika vis tidigare, så är självet och alltet olika delar av samma sak.

Och stegvis genom idéer, tankar och nya sätt att bygga sin värld, så stiger ni ut i ett nytt liv. Ett liv som rymmer mer kärlek och mer tillförsikt, oavsett vad som sker i det yttre.

I stora kärleksfamnen är ni hållna, i oändlig ömhet. Ty ingenting annat läker de sargade delar som ni alla bär inom er.

For those of you not familiar with my mother tongue Swedish, it is weird to see, right? We have three additional letters in our alphabet (å, ä and ö), but more about that some other time. Even if what you will read is a translation, I hope most of the original frequency is still there. Enjoy!

January 13, 2021 The channelled text in English

What energy and knowledge serve us best to integrate and to know right now?

There is a new chapter, a new phase that starts today. As part of the smaller cycle, but also in a grander perspective.

In this moment you are held in the same love that surrounds the whole. A love that harbours no judgement.  As this is the kind of love that you need to heal, to grow and to flourish. And to grow and to flourish is the gift of life. That which brings growth, development, and expansion.

Humans have has such difficulty to accept their true value, to accept the beauty of life. To accept that which gives you joy. The true joy is love for, intimacy with and acceptance of the self.

Waves of disorder have crashed over your planet for some time now, but know that these waves have purpose as well, to cleanse. And with loving vibrations release all that which is not vibrating in the frequency of unconditional love.

So, be open and receptive to your own ideas, when they start to seek your attention. As these ideas brings forth building blocks for the new life that is created within and through you.

These are ideas containing a great love for the self and for the whole. And even if it has been said in thousand different ways, the self and the whole are different parts of the same.

Step by step, through ideas, through thoughts and new ways of constructing the world, you will step out into a new life. A life that holds more love and more confidence, no matter what happens outside of the self.

You are resting in loving arms, in limitless tenderness, since nothing else can heal the wounded parts you all carry within.

And now to the non-scientific but undisputable proof that energy and healing can travel any distance.

Those of you who have worked with me know that I put pride in being punctual when we have set an appointment. I start on the dot. Part of it is that I take pride in my work and don’t want to leave you hanging in the air. -Has she begun or not? Another part is to give you (the client) an opportunity to sense the energetic vibrations shift, when I pull the switch, so to speak. The Gathering in Solitude Meditation last week was no exception. I started 9:00 pm sharp.

Animals, children and bumblebees – they just don’t get it…

The next day I heard back from one of the participants. She lives 1450 kilometers (900 miles) from me. At the exact time I started to channel the message, her dog Olga started to jump and dance and wiggled her tail like an electric mixer. She was so happy and cheerful. This joyful mood lasted for 15-20 minutes, before my friend managed to calm her down. I guess, it wasn’t her most peaceful meditation!

Our test-pilote Olga

When my daughter Reni was little, before she could speak properly, her behavior was quite similar to the dog I just told you about. If we hadn’t managed to get her to sleep before I started channelling for my evening clients, she would come running. She was so exited, eyes shining and a broad smile on her sweet little face.

“Is this where all the fun is happening?”

She wanted to be hugged and cuddle with me. She would be wide awake and refuse to sleep until I was done with my work.

Ready to party!

A similar thing happened when I attended a spiritual online program based in the US. She was four years old at the time. The entire class remembered my little girl, who sat curled up in my lap from 2.00 am in the morning. The frequency shift must have woken her up in the middle of the night. She sat mesmerized by our teacher, who channelled information live on my computer screen. My daughter was wide awake, totally present and she didn’t move for an hour – at the age of four that’s a long time to focus. Afterwards she often spoke with great fondness about the “white-haired girl” on the TV. (My extraordinary friend Sheila is a beautiful woman is in her seventies).

For many healing and energy work is just wishful thinking. It has been linked to the placebo effect – a percieved weakeness of the human psyche, making it easy to trick . No research department in the world would even consider these stories I just told you as proof of anything. I have not yet heard about experiments having shown that the energy of distance healing travels at the speed of light. Unfortunately for science, the dog didn’t seem to care very much about that. Nor did my little girl when she was a toddler.

I am sure you have had similar experiences with children and animals. They are more open in their nature and enjoy the experience rather than trying to understand it (or dismiss it). We need to find our way back through the layers of conditioning if we want to invite that joyful magic back into our lives.

What do YOU think it means?

Just a few words before I stop for today, and it is about the channelled message I shared. Read it and see what it means to you. These words that just pour out of my pen can mean quite different things to different people. Whatever they mean to you, I hope they will be inspiring.

And for those of you who found this interesting, join us for next Gathering in Solitude.

Take care and have a great day,


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