Earth calling

Hi there, my friend,

I hope all is well with you. Where I live, spring is surrounding me with fragile green leaves, daffodils and a very welcome mildness in temperature. The sun’s life-giving rays are burning away the old.

This week’s post is about the sun’s move into a new sign, and the abrupt shift of energy that can be felt, because of that. It is about moving from thought to matter. There is also a little bit about bull fighting, but not for real 🙂

New vibes

The 20th of April, the sun changed sign, left Aries behind, and took a step into Taurus. For those sensitive to the frequency, you might have felt that something shifted inside of you.

As you maybe already know, or remember from my earlier post, Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. In the roman mythology Mars is the god of war. He is strong-willed, independent and fiery. He wants to move forward, at almost any cost. It is a very masculine energy. One symbolic way of showing this, is by the tarot card The Emperor. (Notice the rams on his throne).

190423 The Emperor

Taurus , on the other hand, is ruled by Venus – and that brings on a very different vibration. Venus is, in her purest form, the bringer of beauty, harmony, abundance and has a very earthy flavor. Venus and femininity go hand in hand.

190423 The Empress

Do not mistakenly think that I am referring to men and women. It is not with these two as models, I suggest we should express our genders. I think they represent opposite forces at work, archetypes living side by side, in each and every one of us. The Emperor is an image I can use, to compare my set of characteristics, which express my masculine part, or yang aspects (even if I find this particular one a bit too stern for my taste). The Empress is an expression of my female inner being, or my yin aspects.  These illustrations both comes from the Rider Waite deck, and I am sure you have seen them before.

What do you feel when you see these two characters? If you imagine your inner male and inner female, do they show up in a different shape and form, than these two? It is rather interesting to ponder that, for a moment, what masculinity and femininity are represented by, for you?

Now, back to our bull that will rule our general vibration for the month to come.

I will give you an example of a “super-Taurus” I have had the luck to spend a lot of time with. My late mother-in-law was a shining example the Taurean personality. The most important words in her vocabulary were beauty, harmony, joy, food and friends. I hope she does not mind being the poster-girl for the month!

Skanning_20190423 (4)

She was a brilliant chef and created the most exquisite dishes, and these were presented like pieces of art. All in abundance and plenitude. If you were a guest at her table, and very politely refused a third helping, she would look at you and ask: – Don’t you like it? It felt like an honor to be invited for dinner, because the food was prepared with so much effort and grace. A meal was a holy ceremony to her, and one of her many ways of expressing her love.


She was always impeccably dressed, always choosing garments of beautiful design and fabric. She was also combining colours and different materials in an unexpected way, so they came to life. And she loved parties. She was one of those remarkable hostesses, who really know how to entertain. With her charm and charisma, life became brighter and more colourful, when she was present. It was as if she scared the dullness away, and brought a bit of extra glamour and a wonderful, motherly warmth to the gathering.

This abundance of love and nurturing was something that she needed to express. If that expression was not accepted or was not received the way she thought she deserved, it made her suffer inside. That is an other rather distinctive trait that can be found in a Taurus-personality – the hurt, the stubbornness, the absolute faith they have in their knowing what is best for other people. This was a part of her, that she used to joke about, by the way (…when the dust had settled, I should add).

In general, that is something to be mindful of, because with the sun in this sign (or when we all are under the influence of this vibration) there can be a risk for rigidity and unwillingness to change.

My mother-in-law worked as a teacher, with children between 7-12 years of age. She loved them, and when needed, that love was tough. She cared for them, and their safety (at occasions she stepped up in her position as a teacher, to testify in court, when children were mistreated). She prepared “her children” with the intellectual knowledge that was required by the school authorities, but she also prepared them for life. By teaching them to think for themselves, trust in themselves and their worthiness.  She was safety, comfort, kindness and strength in one person. I have heard from many of her former pupils how important she was to them, and how loved she was. A real role model for “human power”.

Everything alive; human beings, animals, plants – all was a part of her kingdom. And as being the sovereign, everything alive was worthy of her care and protection. She had a way of really seeing people, that I remember surprised me, when we first met.

I loved her deeply, and even though we had our clashes at times (think of two bulls running straight into each other, head first 😉 ), I enjoyed her company very much, and I miss her a lot.

190423 Bull fight

I have painted a portrait of this Taurus-woman I knew so well, hoping it will give you a feel for the energy frequency we just entered.

So, we are shifting from a period of will, ideas, plans, goals we have formed, and now it is time to start manifesting these ideas and to give them a physical form. To dig our fingers deep into the clay and form it, to the shape we wish it to have. It is time to get practical!

Something to be observant about, is how you do practical things. Do you dare to take a step outside the box, or are you caught up in a particular modus operandi, just by habit? Do you choose it because it is how things have always been done? Or have you been told by someone else how to accomplish a task?

190423 No

This is a time when it is rewarding to listen within and see if there are other ideas, methods and sudden insights about how to do things. Is there something which is trying to get your attention? How do you want to live your physical life? May I remind you of what I wrote last time, no one else but you, knows exactly what your perfect life looks like (even if there probably are people around you, who are totally convinced of the opposite!).

And the hand on your heart – do you allow others to follow the way they feel is the best for them, or do you try to persuade them to do what you think is best?

At last, a friendly but sometimes frustrating reminder – as well as a plant needs time to grow, we must allow our creations the time to develop and manifest. steadfastness even if the results are not visible yet. We need to tend to our plants in a practical way, as well as our creations. We need to care for them, nurture them and sprinkle them with Venusian love and focus.

190423 Bedtime story

We need to cultivate patience.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely week! (and spend some time outside, if you can, to absorb the growth and expansion!)



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