Beta test – Harmoni Expo 26-27 mars 2022

To all of you who don’t understand Swedish, I apologize for leaving you out this time. This post is about my participation in a fair in Stockholm. I might I will fill you in on the details later. 🙂 För första gången ska MAGIC MITTENS vara med på mässa! Du hittar mig i hall AB … Continue reading Beta test – Harmoni Expo 26-27 mars 2022

A bit of lovin… Part 4

Is love rainbows and unicorns? At least my daughter thought so when she was five. This is the final part of my mini-series about love and yet I have only scratched the surface. This post offers a few experiments you can do, one explanation to why energy healing works, and bunch of questions – if you are up for an inner treasure hunt. Thank you for reading!