Q&A on July 7, 2024, at 8 pm (CET)

I hope you are doing well,
In the Northern Hemisphere, the school year has ended or is coming to an end, and the summer holidays are approaching.
I learned from a dear friend in Australia that there are some free days to look forward to Down-under as well (when the annual report for the end of the fiscal year is sent in, that is). So, hopefully there is some well-earned rest for everyone.

The first third of the zodiac is soon completed

The pioneering group of Brave & Curious, who started my online course in March, is finishing the first stint of the Zodiac right now. In our last session, we familiarised ourselves with the solar sign Cancer and the Queen of the Night—our beautiful Moon.

At least from my perspective (though I am hopelessly biased as we have been talking about something I am so passionate about), we have had a wonderful and magical ride through the night sky these past four months. A lot of insights for us all, as well as brilliant conversations during our sessions.

Send me an email if you want to participate in the Q&A
on July 7, 8 pm (CET)

On Sunday, July 7, at 8 pm CET (check Stockholm on the world clock on your smartphone), there will be a Q&A session on Zoom about the next section of the online course starting on July 22. The four months-modules are independent of each other.

During this Zoom call, I will present the course, and there will be room to ask questions. We will also go through the channelled message for those who attend the Q&A (I want to give you a chance to experience what that part of the work we will do together feels like).
If you want to participate, send me an email, and you will receive the Zoom link the meeting in return.

To know if this course or the Q&A would be of interest to you, you can also read more about the content in the course here

Don’t worry if the timing is not right (now)

This course is all about dipping your intuitive toe into the energy surrounding you, and it is about trusting your inner knowing to go with the flow rather than struggle against the tide. Therefore, it is necessary to be in sync with what feels right to you.
If this is not the right time for you to start a new adventure, there will be a new chance in November.

Inspiration for some soul searching…

If you are enjoying your vacation but are longing for something a little bit chewier than the usual holiday pastime, I would love to share a wonderful (and, in my opinion, hilarious) podcast series I recently listened to. It is from 2019, but the dilemmas it covers are as old as humanity itself. And it will give you a thing or two to ponder!
As I started listening, it was impossible to stop, so I postponed all tasks requiring my full attention while I savoured it episode after episode – all in one go. Depending on your sense of humour, there might be a risk of giggling fits…

My summer tip to you is Stephen Fry’s brilliant podcast series 7 Deadly Sins – Enjoy!

Have a nice season (whether it is summer- or winter-time where you are!)

Much love,


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