A bit of lovin… Part 1

Happy Valentine’s Day, all of you!

All Heart’s Day is a direct translation of the name we have given February 14th, here in Sweden. Isn’t it nice? It includes so many different kinds of love.

For many people Valentine’s Day is associated with a sweet feeling – hearts in abundance, hand-written cards, romantic dinners, pink teddy bears and an overall fuzzy and warm feeling. For others this can be a bittersweet day of loneliness and longing.

This year we have to accept a pandemic-adjusted celebration of love. Social distancing, cyber-dates, and elbow hugs risk casting a grey and gloomy veil over this love feast… Gloomy or not, today’s post is dedicated to love.

My Valentine’s greeting waits for you on Spotify. I’ve created a list with a few of my lovey-dovey songs. Click on the link below or search for Magic Mittens Valentine’s Card 2021


I hope you will find something there that will touch your heart.

So, what is L-O-V-E? (Nat King Cole)


We all have our own definition and meaning to this word, depending on our personal life experience. Behind the word LOVE we hide our deepest longing and our most painful wounds. The facets of love we have experienced have shaped our personality and our beliefs about ourselves and the world.

The thousand faces of love

Many long for love. We all need love. Some despise love. Some spend their lifetime in search for the perfect love. Some give up on it. Some imitate love. Others pretend to love. Yet others ridicule love. Some people disguise it as something else and some try to hide their love. Some people find the love life of others irresistible and gossip follows in love’s trail. The saddest people are those who take love for granted and don’t value the precious gift given by another.

Love is dangerous and completely unpredictable

Anything can happen when love is involved. Throughout time, Society, religious doctrines, political ideologies and cultural traditions have done their best to control love through norms, restrictions or laws. Like a wildfire love spreads, refusing to be controlled. Love can bring havoc and chaos to any structure and crash the most carefully plotted plan. Love can bring forth unknown bravery and courage when cornered, and this mighty force takes action in the most surprising ways.

I have always wondered why he doesn’t open the door…

We can’t get enough

Love songs, movies, plays, novels – in most there is a thread of love running through it, or the lack thereof. We clench our teeth and fists together in anger for the disrespected or hindered love. Tears run down our cheeks when we suffer with the rejected and pure hearted – how can the world be so fooled by the villains and not notice the one with a heart of gold? Other times our faces ache with silly grins, as love finally conquers all in the end.

A sucker for romance…

The stories move us, as we recognise our own experiences of interacting with love or the secret dreams we cherish in our hearts. If our hearts get broken, the stories helps us up on our feet again. (Try by Pink)


The stories show us the growth and wisdom earned through the encounter with love. Sometimes that growth and wisdom are unwanted. We learn from the illusions when they, fragile as christmas ornaments, get broken into pieces. But, for the most part, the stories show how the growth and the wisdom brings a deeper and more exquisite experiencing of life.

We wouldn’t be so obsessed by love if it were not so extraordinarily important. The world’s total obsession with love and romance is born out of something much more than a fad. Our behaviour cannot be explained only as a means to secure the survival of our species. If that were the case, human interaction would look quite different.  Nor do I think our fascination with love is just a way to avoid loneliness. Our psyche is deeper and more intricate than that – and there seems to be a reason behind everything we do.

What do you think? How have your experiences of love shaped you as a person?

Our outer reality might feel a bit constricted at the moment, but do not let that hinder you. Today is a good day to meditate on love and its presence in your life.

The deep desire in our hearts to connect with another has real purpose and comes from an innate knowing that love is an incredibly strong force of expansion. Love acts as a catalyst and cure to most dilemmas we face in life. Maybe you would like for love to show up differently. (Love runs out by One republic)


To experience the true depth and possibilies of love, we need to take a closer look from an energetic standpoint. Here we can discover its real power and magic. We will travel in that direction next time.

I really did my best to squeeze in all I wanted to say about love into one blogpost – but I had to throw in the towel. Instead, this will be a Valentine’s week. Have a really good day. Spread your love and let it be a wonderful opportunity to bask in this sweet loving vibe!

Much love and see you soon!


Love of Self

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